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NakedSword Has Dropped Two Sizzling Scenes From Upcoming Full-Length “Get. Away.”


Here's a Double-Whammy of Outdoor Hotness!

NakedSword Originals has a new full-length title coming out soon, and we have the sneak peak at the first two amazing scenes that are streaming now at NakedSword. Award-winning director Marc MacNamara takes the helm of Get. Away. which finds friends Falcon Exclusive Beau Butler,  Michael Boston, and Diego Sans left abandoned on a seemingly deserted island. Danger and mystery lurk around every palm tree and sand dune as the studs find themselves cut off from civilization...but not plenty of cock!

Scene 1: Michael Boston and Reign

How can you possibly go wrong with two magnificently-build men like Fleshbot Gay award-winner Michael Boston and Falcon Exclusive Reign frolicking on a boat out on the pristine waters of some beautiful tropical island? You can't! Michael Leaves his two buddies Beau and Diego on the side of the road to go traipsing off with local stud Reign, who invites him for a day on his boat. Because after getting stranded by the airplane that dropped you off and almost hitting Reign with your car, that's a smart thing to do, right? On the boat, ignoring Reign's warning about shark-infested waters, Michael dives down to retrieve a golden conch which legend says gives the ability to have great sex. Yeah, like being in the middle of nowhere on a boat with Reign wasn't already going to end up in great sex! But cool, we'll run with this.

The two gorgeous men are especially tasty in this stunning setting as they drip wet from the ocean. The perpetually horny Michael wraps his lips around Reign's pendulous cock, swallowing Reign's full length, a formidable task that the sun-kissed cock slut is more than eager to set his mouth to. Getting that snake pumped and primed and wet for diving, Reign works his new friend's hole, stretching it with tongue and fingers before he plumbs the depths of Michael's willing ass. If the boat's a-rockin' don't come a-knockin'! Or do...they always like company.

When Reign pummels Michael's tight hole, we see something that's rare: Michael wincing from the pressure. As much cock as Michael has taken up his backside in the past, Reign still manages to leave a firm impression, shall we say. Such is the length and girth of Reign's meat as it plows Michael's hole. Also, it's good to see Michael with hair on his chest. He often trims it but yer boy Hank here always enjoys a guy when they keep it natural, and this dude is sexy as hell with his beefy bod and its smattering of fur. And that fur stays pristinely clean as Reign shoots his thick wad because there's no way Michael is allowing any drop to go to waste, catching it all in his mouth and on his tongue. Slurp!

You'll have to check out the scene for yourself to find out Michael's fate, though. It seems the open water isn't as inviting as one might seem.

Scene 2: Beau Butler and Diego Sans

Boyfriends Diego and Beau are the victims of some mysterious and dangerous events as they search for their buddy Michael. Discovering that the amazing get-away they booked was a scam, they retreat to the rented house to await their friend before they get away. Diego, suffering some kind of mental discombobulation, showers and Beau takes this opportunity to get a naked Diego out to the pool to try to relax and let the past day's events fade to the background. Sex always does the trick, and Beau is a hungry bottom for Diego's sausage.

The two muscular hairy studs look incredible as they hump and pump in the tropical sun, the sweat glistening through their hirsute hawtness. Beau can't wait to taste his BF's uncut pipe, tantalizing Diego as he licks under the folds of his ample foreskin before taking it all the way down his throat. But it's when he goes ass up that you realize just why he won the Fleshbot Gay 2021 Best Ass award! His scruffy butt cheeks are made for fucking as they're spread and fed with Diego's tongue, and then his turgid rod, taking ownership of Beau's beautiful butt in so! many! positions! Beau always looks incredible getting fucked, and he somehow looks even better here. Maybe it's just cuz I have a thing for bears, and these two hairy hunks really do it for me.

Click the banner below to visit NakedSword to check out both this hawt scenes for yourself!


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