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Tyler Rush Feels Kristofer Weston’s “Leather Heat” For Manalized


Daddy Bear Owns His Muscle Cub.

Over at Manalized, handsome daddy bear Kristofer Weston is putting his smooth muscle cub Tyler Rush through his leather fantasy-filled paces in their scene "Leather Heat." This is a hot pairing of hairy daddy with his salt-n-pepper features and thick beard, dominating and pleasing a well-built bottom stud jock. Clad in some sexy but not over the top leather gear, the two engage in some down and dirty lite kink play in what looks like Kristofer's garage. But honestly, a garage makes a perfect kink dungeon, if you're creative enough to use the home tools as sex tools.

From the get-go, the two are hot as fuck as Daddy lights a thick cigar while commanding his slave for the afternoon to lick his boots clean. As he's spat upon, Tyler submits to his duty as the hot end of the 'gar is used to tantalize and threaten his fuzzy crack, placed within millimeters of his skin, the heat making him both nervous and excited. His obedient tongue works its way north and cleans his Daddy's pits, lapping and digging into the ripe crevice, smearing his face with the older man's musky scent before the two share some passionate deep kissing, exchanging the pit taste back and forth.

With a gruff motion, Tyler is on his knees, hauling the man's thick tool out of its leather enclosure and swallowing it down to the root, greedily gulping to get it to full hard in order to service his tight ass. Spit covered and pre-lubed, his cock looks gorgeous next to the tender young man's pretty face, the cigar smoke trailing its thick tendrils around the two. He uses the cigar to literally blow smoke up the kid's ass, bring it close once again to heat the crack before he's pressing his flared raging head against the muscle ring. He shoves it in without mercy, grabbing Tyler's hips and simply owning that hole as he plunges in deep and withdraws, holding, and repeating with masculine urgency. He's a fuck god as he stands arrogantly, his older man muscles flexing as he smokes and plows, knowing his boy will do everything he commands.

Giving the top a break, Tyler turns and takes the ass-covered cock deep down his throat to taste his own hole off of it. As he continues fucking his boy on his back, Kristofer teases his hard cock, engorged with days of unreleased cum. He edges him, keeping barely a finger or two on the hard meat that begs for release, drooling succulent pre-cum out of its piss slit. With a modicum of mercy, Daddy gives him permission to cum as he jacks his cock, his own pole still stuffing the boy's hole. When Tyler shoots a gusher of cum, you can feel the relief and satisfaction through his loud groans, made even more tantalizing as Kristofer feeds the kid his own jizz. And like a good little piggy, Tyler is on his knees taking his daddy's spunk into his mouth, not letting a drop go to waste.

The pic below will take you to Manalized to view the whole scene for yourself.

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