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Anderson Gets Damned When “Brandon Eats Chris’ Cum” Over At Active Duty


Military Might Is On Full Display!

Active Duty is giving us some mighty stud muscle when they pair Brandon Anderson with Chris Damned  for some seriously hawt suck and fuck action in "Brandon Eats Chris' Cum." Of course, cum is the last thing Brandon is eating when these two bang. Cum is the dessert served after cock, ass, and a whole lot of gorgeous inked flesh Chris offers for Brandon to run his hungry tongue over, savoring every inch of his packed and ripped bod. But hey, not that Brandon isn't offering up his own tasty goods which Chris heartily chows down on himself. These two have ample amounts of hard luscious flesh to gorge on, and their mouths are filled by the end. Chris can come off as incredibly cocky in other scenes and full length vids, but here in their pre-scene interview, he and Brandon are comfortably laid back without the bravado, a bit anxious to get started, and genuinely excited to be with each other. He gives off a vibe that exudes his amorous feelings toward Brandon as opposed to an egotistical front that says, "You should feel lucky I'm doing this." It makes the whole scene much more fun to watch. The two have bodies that work well as each other's foil; where Chris is hard and ripped and heavily-inked over his light chest hair and a slightly dangerous edge, Brandon is smooth, ink-free and more softly muscled with "aw shucks", Boy-Next-Door charm.

When Chris dives to the bottom, letting Brandon fuck his face in a torrid 69 that gets the action going with an explosive start, we know we're in for something a bit different from Chris. He's gagging and sputtering as the length of the pipe fills his throat. Sitting on his face, Brandon feeds him his hole, stretching his bubble butt cheeks over his face as his crack is voraciously tongued and spit-lubed. Chris knows where he's going next! Brandon gets some slobber time on Chris' pole as well, worshiping it as he works his mouth up and down the shaft and around the manly balls. But his asshole needs to be filled and he doesn't want to waste time.

He climbs on Chris's tent pole and begins to ride it like a kid with a Christmas morning hobby horse. He said in the interview he hadn't cum in a week, and he's grinding away as that meat hits all his sweet spots, bound to work the jizz from deep within his sack. Chris flips him over for a blistering pounding, and damn do these two studs look sweet when filmed from behind, the full length of Chris' erection pulling out and disappearing deep in Brandon's backside as he humps and pumps his buddy with erotic aggression. Wanting to feel Brandon from the inside at all angles, he turns to the side and bangs him relentlessly from that angle, before laying him on his stomach, and shifting his own body to face the opposite direction, basically fucking him backwards. Doing this hits the anal cavity in spots that rarely get attention and can drive the bottom insane! It must have driven them both insane because it's what drives them both over the edge, quickly shifting around to more of a missionary position where Chris can jack his creamy spunk, and Brandon can finally shoot his first wad in a week. Whew!

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