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Aiden Joseph Is A “Thirsty Bottom” For Marcel Eugene At Extra Big Dicks



And It Looks Like His Thirst Gets Quenched!

In their scene "Thirsty Bottom," Aiden Joseph and Marcel Eugene are a couple of opposites who couple up like they were meant for each other over at the NextDoorStudios channel Extra Big Dicks. Looks like opposites attract! Aiden is a perfect otter: slim, hairy, bearded, cute, and young. Conversely, Marcel towers over him with his beefy, muscular body adorned with awesome ink. What they share in common is their matching giant baseball bats they both have swinging between their legs, and all the deliciously naughty things they come up with to do with them.

The two buddies start off nice and friendly and casual. They've been wanting to get together for a while and the time was finally right, so the excitement between them is palpable as they kiss on the bed before shedding their clothes, revealing two very different but incredibly hot bods. Marcel marvels at Aiden's defined abs and hairy torso, while Aiden gives a genuine "Aw, fuck!" when Marcel's massive boner pops out, fully hard. Aiden can't wait to stuff his face with man-meat, and dives right in for a feast he savors. He does a commendable job trying to get the entire thing down, and while we all enjoy a good gagging bottom, it proves a bit too much for his slender throat. But hey, it's always fun to watch a guy try, right? Marcel seems bit more proficient in his oral capabilities as he works over Aiden's equally long and uncut pole, allowing him to grab the back of his head and fuck his mouth as the drool pours and the sucking sounds fill the room. Marcel seems to be a voracious oral bottom, because when Aiden turns around and sits his hirsute butt cheeks across his tongue, he eats and laps and drives his soon-to-be-bottom insane with desire. "My dick is so hard right now with your tongue in there!" Yeah...I can imagine!

When it comes time for Aiden to get his asshole split in two, he decides that sitting down on it to get used to it is the best way to go. As it disappears inch by thick pulsating inch into his backside, the long moans he emits are erotic music to anyone's ears. You can almost feel the reverberations of his groans down to your own crotch as his hole is spread and stuffed with the grand tumescence. And when Marcel gets Aiden on his hands and knees, he can really start to (gently) go to town, passionately pumping away with a steady humping rhythm but checking in on his buddy to make sure he's alright. Hey, the site ain't called Extra Big Dicks for nothing! Aiden turns out to be an insatiable bottom as they switch positions often, hitting all the right sweet spots deep in Aiden's cavity and along Marcel's girthy shaft. Our top stud is given permission to let loose finally and slam away at will as Aiden continues a steady command of, "Fuck me! Fill me up!"

Aiden climbs on to ride that horse one more time, and it turns out to be what drives both men over the edge. It doesn't take long before Marcel pulls out and issues a gushing geyser of creamy splooge he promptly shoves back in to breed his bottom. Climbing off, Aiden clamps his mouth over the slimy snake, tasting cum and his own ass as he jacks his uncut cock to an ecstatic ending.

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