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Flashback Friday Brings You Falcon Studios’ Icons of the 1970’s Compilation


"Best of the 1970's" Are Your Daddy's Daddies!

As part of their year-long 50th Anniversary celebration, Falcon Studios brings us their Icons Forever compilations, with which they celebrate the titles of the past decades that made Falcon a leader in gay porn. The men in this first collection, "Best of the 1970's" were the leaders of all leaders. They set the standard, and the bar, by which all followed. They were "pre-condom", which is a different headspace than "bareback." Pre-condom was more free and uninhibited; bareback is simply condomless with the permission of PrEP. (And if bareback is sans PrEP? Well, that's just stupid.) These, gentlemen, are your forefathers. Pay them respect. You should note that many of the movies these scene are taken from are available to view or purchase on Falcon as well. The ten scenes are presented in a countdown fashion.

#10 "Upper Classman" with Hal Drake and Mike Cole finds cute, mustachioed Cole in prison, jacking his thick cock when guard Drake with his uniform barely stretch across his muscular, rock hard body, catches him. Cole's ass quickly belongs to Drake as he's raped with the guard flesh nightstick.

#9: "The Crotch Watcher" with Gordon Grant and Chris shows what happens when cute boys get in cars with strangers. Grant is a gorgeous, powerfully built, broad-chested stud who picks up the young and cute Chris on the street and brings him back to his office. Hauling out his long thick tool (and I do mean "hauling"!) Chris has quite the challenge ahead as he swallows it down and gets mercilessly fucked.

#8 In "Dirt Bikes," Johnny Dawes and Bill Adams glance at each other at the urinal, and soon and hot daddy Adams is shoving the kid's face onto his dick, stripping his suit off to reveal his muscular chest and aggressively fucking Dawes royally right there in the toilet. This is the first one in the collection where we start hearing the classic porn voice-overs and sound effects, as often they couldn't record sound with the film for whatever reason. So yeah...the pissing and water SFX are kinda hilarious, but the moaning is hot.

#7 "Champs" with Will Seagers and Tony finds us with another suited daddy and a young job applicant willing to do what it takes to get some head.

#6 "Weekend Lockup" stars the incomparable and unmatched Al Parker with Will Seagers and Parker's real-life (at the time) partner Steve Taylor. Parker's put in a jail and he and guard Taylor fuck the bejesus outta Seagers before Seagers gets his turn at Taylor's hairy hole. Unbelievably hot. It should be noted that Parker and Taylor, a couple for fourteen years, formed the classic Sturge Studios together.

#5 "Double Whammy" stars Big Ben and Tom Manley as two buddies smoking and fucking. Big Ben was one of the rare Black performers for Falcon at the time, and it's surprising he didn't appear in more. Probably because finding a guy to take his absolutely enormous cock was difficult. Seriously, that thing was massive. He coulda played baseball with it! Filmed from below, you can see it stretching Manley's throat as he's somehow swallowing it down. And getting fucked by it? Manley, my hat's off to you, sir.

#4 "Champs" with Skye Dawson and Dick Fisk finds the two athletically lean dudes fucking on a boat out on the open water, with the blonde Cali boy Dawson taking Fisk's flesh pole deep up his hole.

#3 "Against the Rules" stars Josh Kincaid, Eric Nolte, and Mac Turner in a fantastic threesome where the versatile Kincaid gets to play top daddy this time around. He somehow managers to be both muscle daddy and golden boy, exuding a terrific sexuality infall his scenes. Fucking these two handsome boys by the fireplace, he is all fuzzy daddy.

#2 "Ram Charger" stars the dark and swarthy Ed Wiley and beefy blonde Bob Bishop. They strip down in the desert by their cars and Wiley takes Bishop's holes in unabashed masculine sexuality. Not bothering to take his pants off, Wiley simply shoves his fat hard dick through a few undone buttons of his 501's in the most 70's porn image ever. Hint, that waistband can be used by the bottom to pull his top in harder and closer.

#1 "The Other Side of Aspen" Stars Al Parker, Jeff Turk, Chad Benson, Dick Fisk, and Casey Donovan in one of the classic frat gay porn flicks of the time. This scene is a five-way gangbang with blonde stud Donovan taking all cocks and loads, with some awesome voice over fuck talk.

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