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Amone Bane Is Having “Nighttime Emissions” Over at Family Creep


And Stepdad Trent Summers Has the Treatment.

Amone Bane has been jizzing in his bedsheets, and since his stepdad Trent Summers is a doctor (WHEW!) he heads to him for some sage advice in their scene "Nighttime Emissions" over at Family Creep. Trent assures the young man that all is normal...and then bangs the fuck outta him. Not exactly sure why he bangs the fuck outta him as a form of treatment, but hey, we ain't mad about it. They have a bit of an older/young, daddy/boy vibe happening but not by much as they run through this bit of medical cosplay. Directed by Gio Caruso, they play their scenes adequately as talk of ejaculating and masturbation and spunk easily leads to sucking and fucking and, well, more ejaculating.

Dr. Trent of course wants to do a physical exam to make sure that there's nothing actually wrong with the boy. The freckle-faced young man is anxious, but as many a porn doc have stated before him, Trent says, "don't worry, I'm a doctor." Trent's movement s move from massaging the glans as pre-cum starts to emerge to jacking Amone to full gorgeous hardness. "Don't tell mom" leads to Trent taking his stepson deeply down his throat, slobbering all over the shaft as he swallows his full length, causing his son's anxiety to disappear and open up fully to him. It's a new experience for the young man, and he quickly wants to experience more. After some kissing, it takes little pressing to encourage Amone to give as good as he's getting. Trent lays back on the exam table so his hard "tongue depressor" (my apology to the pun gods) can probe Amone's throat. Being an accomplished oral bottom, Trent wants more of a taste of Amone and leans him over the table, spreading his cheeks to taste the boy's tight hole as he strokes his cock between his thighs.

Trent might not have the most immediately impressive body—as he's neither bulky with muscles or definition, maintaining a pleasant, slim dad bod—but he's handsome in his way, and his long cock and flared head looks amazing pressing against Amone's asshole, popping its way in and grinding up to the hilt. The kid clenches down and Dad is off and running, sliding his entire length in and out with a steady rhythm that causes Amone to succumb to his urges. Laid out on the table with a leg raised high, we get a nice view of the length of his well-defined form as Trent plows his ass before jizzing a creamy load all over his crotch. Amone's body tenses tantalizingly, his muscles flexing and taut as he works his own goo into a sample cup.

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