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Aaron Trainer and Marco Lorenzo Flip Fuck For Extra Big Dicks


It's Muscle On Muscle A They Fight For the Bottom.

"Deep Throat That Big Dick!" is a bit of a misnomer for this hot scene featuring Aaron Trainer and Marco Lorenzo, streaming over at Pride Studios' channel Extra Big Dicks. Why? Because the deep-throating, as great as it is, is merely a prelude for the main event which is a torrid, flip-fucking frenzy as these two versatile, beefy muscle studs fight to see who gets to be on bottom. Ya gotta love a versatile guy who can take as well as he gives. Aaron and Marco are both well-built, defined, and raring to go as they meet up and proceed to bang the hell out of each other. Director Gio Caruso gets the most out of these two, and what he gets is copious amounts of erotic versatile action, sweat and jizz.

There's a lot of intense kissing as they tongue each other's mouths, tasting deeply of their manliness as they rub each other up and down, slowly stripping each other of their shirts to reveal their ripped torsos. But this being an Extra Big Dicks scene, they quickly reveal why they belong on that channel. Aaron drops to his knees and hauls out Marco's monster cock, slapping his face with it and teasing his uncut buddy before opening up wide and swallowing it down whole. It's a vicious anaconda and Aaron knows how to handle it. His ability to take it balls deep is to be commended, as it's not only impressive long but has a girth that would impeded the airflow of most guys. He teases and licks at the uncut head to give himself a breather before attacking it again with hungry greediness. Not to be outdone, Marco switches positions so he can partake of Aaron's meat, letting it slide slowly in and out of his throat as he satisfies his own hunger, prepping it for his ass.

Taken on his hands and knees, Marco is lubed up and bucking back on Aaron's pole faster than a roofied, tweaked-out twink at a Palm Springs White Party. (I'm kidding; twinks don't need to be roofied to get them on their hands and knees!) He is loving the feeling of that thick cock ramming his ass, fucking himself on it as much as Aaron is slamming into him while they both work up a good sweat. Of course, these guys both being versatile, Aaron is soon on his back, legs spread as Marco tongue fucks his hole, making his buddy squirm with squealing delight. And when he presses his pipe against that tight sphincter, it opens up to him, inviting him in to be taken and owned. Pounding away, Aaron is in verbal ecstasy as his ass is filled to overflowing with Marco's meat, pummeling away until he (almost) fucks a huge creamy load out of his bottom as Aaron fills the room with a litany of, "Don't stop! Keep fucking me!" Personally, I think Aaron held off cumming as much as he could because it just felt so damn good. Getting into a bit of ATM action, it's not until Marco moves around and blows his own spunk over Aaron's upturned mouth and tongue and has it cleaned off by his buddy that Aaron is finally driven over the edge and creams his own torso.

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