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Dillion Diaz and Jake Waters Flip Fuck For Noir Male


When House Hunting Turns Into Cock Hunting.

Noir Male brings us two muscular hotties when they put Dillon Diaz and Jake Waters together as a couple who are searching for the perfect place to live. In the mundanely-named "Dillon and Jake," the only thing mundane to look at is the abundance of white in the interior of the house they are roaming through. Everything else is sexy and spicy as they flirt their way through the kitchen, "Plenty of room for my meat," and the entertainment area, "You know we've been known to entertain many people." But when they make it upstairs to view the master bedroom, that's when their libidos start really taking over and the clothes come off for a flip-fucking romp that is sure to please. The two have gorgeously contrasting bodies; where Jake is tautly muscled, defined, tatted and smooth, Dillon has a thicker beefiness to him, which coupled with his chest hair and beard gives him a bit of a Black Bear look.

When Dillon pushes Jake onto the bed, they enjoy some passionate, clothes-on kissing that's slow and tender and erotic to watch. Of course, Dillon needs more in his mouth than just his lover's lips and he removes Jake's burdensome pants to take the length of his cock down his throat, savoring the stud's girthy hard member. But he really gets his buddy squealing with delight when he pushes Jake's legs up and dives into his hole with his tongue. Jake gives as well as he gets, and swallows Dillon's pole down deep as Dillon puts his hands on the back of his head and fucks his face with loving aggressiveness.

Exclamations of their feelings for each other induce Jake to get his legs in the air once more, spreading his cheeks and admitting Dillon's cock deep in his ass. "Yes, that's my baby," and Dillon is off to the races, pumping vigorously as Jake urges him on as he vocalizes his satisfaction for Dillon's masculine efforts. When Dillon lays back so that Jake can ride him, the bottom-on-top grinds down even harder, swallowing Dillon's dick with his asshole as they test out the limits of the bed. Jake looks amazing when he leans back on his hands, lifting his hips off the pipe until just the head is inside, before shoving himself back on, teasing Dillon's dick. Proving again that he can give as he gets, Dillon lifts his legs and Jake is gently pushing himself in as Dillon moans loudly. He doesn't last long as a bottom, but I ain't mad about it. Even a short time watching his beefy hairy goodness stretched out, arm raised above his head with a fat cock in his hole is enough.

When Jake turns around and rides Dillon's horse once more in a reverse cowboy position, this is what drives them both over the edge. Dillon grabs Jake from behind and pulls him back to lay back to chest as he impales Jake from beneath while he jacks his creamy load.  Dillon gifts Jake with spewing his spunk all over Jake's upturned face and extended tongue.

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