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Paul Rudd, Sexiest Man Alive, A Look Back on His Cutest & Gayest Roles


People Magazine has just announced its pick for 2021’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” and their choice is Paul Rudd! I can’t speak for all of us gays, but I personally am totally on board with this!

With those green eyes and that baby-faced smile, Paul is just so cute, handsome, funny, sweet, and laid back. It all adds up to being SUPER SEXY!

Let’s look back at some films and times that we thought Paul Rudd was extra sexy (and maybe kinda gay!)

We first noticed Rudd as Josh,  Alicia Silverstone’s cute stepbrother in “Clueless.” After picking on her for the first half of the movie, it’s Rudd who helps get her out of trouble. By the end, she is crazy about him and so are we.

Not everybody remembers (or approves) of this, but Paul Rudd has put on gay face several times over the years.

In 1998’s “The Object of my Affection,” Rudd plays George, the gay best friend of Jennifer Aniston. The two decide to raise Jen’s unborn child together until Jen decides she wants to be more than just best friends. In 1998, it was a pretty ballsy move for a leading man to play a gay guy. Though Rudd does give his character some painfully stereotypical gay mannerisms, it’s hard not to admit they're pretty accurate. 

Paul went gay again for 2018’s “Ideal Home.” Here, Rudd plays opposite Steve Coogan (another straight guy playing gay) as a couple who find themselves responsible for a ten-year-old boy. The two straight actors really ham it up here, with sequined jackets and lots of extra man jewelry. We’ve all been there… Check out the scene below to see Paul really earning his gay card.

Probably Paul Rudd’s most popular appearance has been as the Ant-Man in the Marvel movies. Not everybody would’ve picked this everyman mostly known for raunchy comedies to be a superhero. But he has proved to be a great hit and is now an essential part of the top franchise in movies.

In his upcoming People Magazine interview, Rudd jokes about being given this title. He says he hopes this will grant him an invitation to “those sexy dinners” with George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Would we love to watch those three at dinner (and dessert) or what?!

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