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Domination Kink In a Real-Life Setting In “His Stepfather’s Footsteps”


Domination Kink Takes Center Stage When the Office Door Is Closed.

Disruptive Films, the new porn boys in town, present well-scripted, well-acted and well-produced films that are sex-heavy. They don't just do fuck scenes, and "His Step-Father's Footsteps" is no exception. It's a rather stellar example of how porn can elevate itself above just delivering sex. In a vid that some might find slightly disturbing for the relationships exhibited, muscle-bound bear daddy Dale Savage delivers his handsome step-son Calvin Banks for his boss's pleasure. Chris Damned plays the verbally domineering boss who has Dale's life by the proverbial balls, commanding sexual commitment from his employees. In the lead-up to the sex, we get the foreboding sense that not all is right as Dale encourages and secures a job at his company for Calvin; it turns out that his stepson is an offering to his sadistic boss and Dale is the plaything for the two men. There's an erotically dark element of manipulative domination and unwilling forced sex as Calvin has the shocking situation explained to him, watching his step-father submit willingly to his boss' demands. What's most interesting is that Calvin is not presented solely to be a bottom whore of some kind, though that does eventually occur, but rather as a top being used to engage in a series of acts which serve to further humiliate and dominate the subservient Dale, a function he's apparently been serving at the company for some time.

The three men are all incredibly hot in different ways. Calvin is built and lightly hairy with a youthful innocence that gets broken. Dale is an older muscle bear, grizzled and handsome, while Chris is a tattooed hardbody who drips with creepy smoldering sexuality. They all turn out to be pretty decent actors, delivering lines and characters convincingly; they're all committed to the roles in ways you don't often see in porn, making the scene and who they are portraying completely believable. This, along with the fantastic cinematography, editing and expert direction from Bree Mills, all coalesce to heighten the eroticism of the whole thing

Dale and his stepson are called into the boss' office. Dale knows what's coming, and as the situation unfolds much to Calvin's growing shock and dismay, the sense of sexually-tinged dread builds as Dale submits to Chris' indignities heaped upon him. Forced to crawl to him and suck his thick long member in front of Calvin, Dale obeys with a quiet subservience that is oft-putting. It's his knowledge that this was all going to happen and his acquiescence to the situation that makes this somewhat disturbing, but a total turn-on.

Calvin is ordered to step forth and have his dick sucked, which he does with rising vehemence. Dale is then commanded to present his ass to his son and have it plowed. Through it all, Calvin verbally protests, angrily displaying his disgust even as Dale swallows his cock and gets drilled hard. He spits on his step-father which only excites the bossman further. Eventually of course, Calvin has to submit to Chris' rampaging pole, manipulated by being told that if he doesn't relent, his family's way of life will be destroyed. "Think about your mother" is said a few times which drives the young man to fatefully agree.

Chris pummels his unwilling hole, forcing the sex on his unwilling bottom as Calvin cries out against throughout the assault. He's not attacked and raped, but he's fucked completely against his will. His anger grows throughout, so that when he's made to fuck his step-father it becomes a grudge-fuck scene as he slams his aggression and fear into his old man. It gets to the point where Dale is gutturally muttering "Fuck me! Hate Me! Hate me!" in a moment of verbal self-loathing and lust I've never seen from a sub before as his asshole is ripped a new one by the vehement youth. It's a foregone conclusion when Chris steps up behind Calvin and creates a fuck-chain of explosive intensity.

Dale takes their loads on his face as he smiles a lusty grimace, but none of the pleasure serves to make Calvin flip from repulsion to acceptance and pleasure. He maintains his abhorrence throughout to the end when he ends the scene exclaiming "Fuck you, you're dead to me."

How often do bosses treat their underlings like playthings? This is probably one of the few and best examples of domination kink in a real-world setting I've ever seen. Domination and submission don't have to be dripping in leather and implements and put in a dungeon, It's just as effective, if not more-so, in a corporate office dressed "like normal people."

Click the banner below to check out this stellar, sexy, and disturbing short film for yourself at Disruptive Films.

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