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Small Dong March


In the last few years, there have been many marches and protests supporting very worthy causes: BLM, MeToo, LGBTQ+

Last Wednesday in downtown LA, there was a march for something maybe not quite as critical…

YouTube personalities Chad and JT launched the first “Small Dong March” to call for an end to “size shaming.”

To be honest, I couldn’t stop laughing about this event when I first heard about it. But then I decided to take a minute to seriously think about this cause.

Of course, we don’t want to call for anyone to be shamed for any part of their physical being, but I do have a few questions…

Is size shaming a serious enough problem to warrant a city march?

Has anyone been hurt or discriminated against for their penis size?

As hard as it is for a lot of gay men to believe, there are some people who genuinely prefer a smaller package. I’ve known a few. They’re fascinating.

Perhaps the gay culture does put more emphasis on the more well-endowed, but that doesn’t mean we have anything against the less endowed, does it? I’ve known a few. They’re fascinating.

How small is too small? 

There are some guys whose junk (or lack thereof) we certainly notice, but that doesn’t stop us from totally lusting after them.

Every gay man remembers when they first saw the Statue of David. He doesn’t have much (though uncut!), but the rest of that bod was enough to let us know a lot about ourselves.

It’s true, we don’t really have any gay porn stars who are less endowed, but is that because there’s no audience for them, or is it because the less endowed aren’t submitting their photos to the studios?

Is there a global market of porn and praise for the less endowed?

I honestly don’t know.

But I’m confident the open-mindedness of the 21st-century gay community would be open to it.

According to the “Small Dong March” organizers, this may become an annual event. Maybe next we’ll have a Small Penis Appreciation Day or Small Penis Prides.

Now the only question left is, when will there be a march for us size queens?!

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