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Scout Marcus Rivers Gets “Lessons In Discretion” At Scout Boys


It's Easy To Keep Your Mouth Shut When It's Stuffed With Cock!

Scoutmasters Dolf Dietrich and Max Thirio get to have their way with cute twink Scout Marcus Rivers in "Lessons In Discretion" streaming now at Scout Boys. The two handsome, muscular powerhouse tops out on a stroll in the woods with their young scout find a way to let off some steam and relax. They make for a stunning trio: Max is a well-defined and cut muscle top, clean-cut in his look but certainly not in his behavior; Dolf is a domineering daddy, muscular and adorned with some elaborate ink work and a bear's beard that gives him a bit more of a blue-collar vibe; and Marcus is a twunk, a slightly older young man who still retains his twink status through his size and demeanor, though he does have some definition and just the slightest smattering of chest hair that makes watching him get fucked at both ends just a bit less creepy.

Dolf and Max have both had a go at Marcus' ass and mouth in previous encounters, and the boy, not being at all shy about his sexual desires, knows how to get what he wants. So taking a walk with the two hot older men to talk about their liaisons and how they need to be discrete about it was a no-brainer. Everyone knew what was going to happen, and what happens is a sultry mass of sucking, humping flesh, with young Marcus in the middle at all times.

Max and Dolf take turns tasting the young man as they strip him of his scout uniform, revealing his smooth, taut body and engorged youthful cock. They swalloing his length down their masterful throats and tongue his tight hole, opening him up and getting him to a squirming feverish pitch, aching for their poles in his hole. Dolf's scratchy beard seems to have an especially erotic effect on the boy's butt cheeks.

Marcus is a moaning, squealing form of trembling anticipation as he gulps Dolf's thick daddy cock down his throat while Max presses his flared head against his eager sphincter. Pushing in, Max pumps the boy's backside, pushing his head lower onto the other scoutmaster's dong, choking their young charge. He's thrown between the two as they take turns pummeling his ever-widening hole, making it nice and sloppy with spit and pre-cum and lube. He's suspended between them with Dolf wrapping his strong arms around his torso as his legs are on Max's shoulders, his tender ass violated by Max's slamming flesh pipe. When he's back on his own feet with Dolf taking his ass from behind, he gets a nice creamy load fucked out of him that falls to the forest floor right before his scoutmaster sprays his insides with his own thick man-milk.

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