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Halloween Erotica: A Beast and His Monster, Part 3


Victor's Punishment At the Hands Of Many

As was stated earlier, you all have heard this tale, or at least some version of it. How the Monster, imbued with rage at his own hideousness and the reaction he knew he surely would receive from all he walked among, forcing him to remain in the shadows, vowed revenge on his maker, Victor. Take his own life, or the Monster would take the lives of all he loved. Starting with poor Henry, as you dear reader have already witnessed, after he had taken grasp of Henry’s virginity, giving him previously unknown pleasure before robbing him of his life, it departed the stricken Victor and travelled the land, seeking out Victor’s family and loved ones. For months afterward, the Monster took all that Victor loved: little brother William; Justine, the family servant, blamed and hung for William’s death; Elizabeth, Victor’s betrothed, murdered on the very night of their wedding; and Victor’s father, who died upon hearing of the death of Elizabeth. The Monster left him with nothing. After refusing to make it a bride, Victor vowed revenge and chased the Monster who goaded him ever further North, eventually through Russia to the Arctic Circle where, frozen and almost dead, Victor was discovered by Captain Walton’s crew and brought aboard. This has all been related earlier. It is where we started, and where we shall finish.

After several days of nourishment, Victor revived enough to relate his terrible tale to the horrified Captain and his crew. After the telling , Victor slumbered for many hours, through which the Captain had time to contemplate a response. Fate, though, would intervene. 

As the mad scientist slept, through his window crept his creation in the dark of night. Captain Walton, keeping watch over his guest, crouched in utter fear as the naked, eight-foot thing entered silently and stood to full height in the shadow. Walton overcame his shock, and being the captain, greeted this newcomer with fragile welcome. 

“Are you that about which Victor spoke?” he asked with a tremulous voice.

“I am he” the Monster replied with a deep gravelly voice, though sturdier in voice from many months of practice and learning.

Having strayed with his officers and crew members many times to enjoying the solace and comfort of the men of the ship during long months on the open sea, Walton was curious about the physical aspects of the being, He let his gaze drift down and beheld the magnificent member which hung limp between its legs. Taking in the whole of the creature, its long, thickly corded limbs packed tightly with muscle and running over like a map those terrible scars and stitches, its broad chest, and yes, its face, though twisted with a short life of rage and revenge, was he saw at one time handsome. 

“You are gazing upon me with something other than curiosity,” it said.

“Yes, I must admit, though grotesque in some aspects, you are also not without your finer qualities.”

“Come, reach your hand forward, and touch those qualities.”

Walton, with shaking yet excited hands, moved himself within reach and grasped its fully-hard cock, drawing his face closer, and breathed in the scent of its sex. His tongue protruding, the gentleman licked the entirety of the shaft as he held the hefty testicles in his hand. He could detect the taste of pre-seminal fluid leaking from the wide flared tip, and he bent his head over the end and sucked hard and deep, the salty sweet liquid running up through the penis and oozing hotly into this mouth. 

He let out a long moan, for it had been some great length of time since he’d enjoy any physical company.

“You do that well” the creature intoned, surprisingly softly. “Please me.”

“Yes,” murmured the captain as his soft trimmed mustache brushed and ran the length of the Monster’s prick, up and down as he lost himself in his lust.

“I have a task for you and your men.”

“Anything. But please, let me feel what Henry felt.” Such was the magnitude of the repugnant attraction of the beast. 

It gently placed a hand on the back of the handsome captain’s head and drew him near as the seafarer opened his mouth as wide as was possible, taking in several inches of the length and impossible thickness. As he worked his head up and down slowly and with rising glee, the captain’s young steward opened the door to Victor’s chamber. Christopher sensed sound and movement in the room and waited for his eyes to adjust to the chilly dark. What he saw astonished him. Victor, still in deep regenerative slumber on his bunk seemed oblivious to the ministrations of his captain on the member of a hideous giant. He dropped the glass of water in his hand.

“Christopher, be not afraid dear boy, and come to me.” The steward, obeyed, as he always had before. 

“Disrobe” the Monster commanded, and trembling with nervous excitement, Christopher removed his garments. He had been in this position previously under orders of the captain with an officer. Standing naked before the men, his smooth and supple form gleaming with dried sweat in the night air, he was bade forward by the beckoning hand of Walton. Kneeling and crawling forward, he placed the captain’s stiff cock into his mouth, as he had done several times before on this ship. Though a steward, it was his task to ease the flaring tensions that can arise when men are left with little sexual outlet for long periods of time. Passed from bunk to bunk when the time was needed, he knew his abilities when it came to pleasing the rougher sex. His mouth was often invaded while his buttocks was made the home of many a drilling erection. 

Walton recommenced to sucking the Monster’s member, using his mouth as best he could and making up the rest of its length with his two hands at the base. The creature looked down appreciatively at the steward on his knees before his master, and leaning over, fondled the beautiful young man’s winking hole. Christopher raised his hips higher in response, giving the Monster unfettered access to his delights. It placed a hand under the boy’s waist and hauled him to standing, breaking the grip Walton’s lips had on his prick. 

The creature pressed its flaring head against that hole and the steward emitted little sound as it was popped in with an audible release of air. The steward raised his head and merely smiled at Walton, and then at the creature. Walton seeing what passed as a quizzical expression on the Monster’s face, answered the question he saw there. “Christopher has had his experiences with his buttocks being spread and plundered by many a crewman’s cock…and other instruments should the feeling strike. There have even been times where the little whore has worked two cocks up his bum. And while your member will certainly leave a lasting impression, it is a plowing the boy can withstand.”

With that explanation, the steward was braced between the two beings as they slammed and battered him from both ends like he was a ship in high winds. It did not take long for the beast to emit a roar of deafening volume as his passion reached its zenith and he flooded the steward with a geyser of manly spunk. Watching his servant withstand the Monster’s pummeling caused the captain to attain his own peak of ecstasy, filling the young man’s mouth with an overflow of thick cream. 

The volume and rattle of the creature’s expression of lust drew several crew members running to the small chamber. It also served to wake Victor from his deep sleep. Befuddled, he attempted to take in the varied images before him. The naked creature, his still-erect penis dripping with ropey strands of cum as it was extracted from the steward’s buttocks, Captain Walton’s own prick still smeared with spunk as he withdrew from the Steward’s mouth, and the several crew members standing at the door, agape at what they saw. 

The captain spoke first. “Everyone, I urge your calm and patience.” Seeing that they meant to comply, though they kept a fearful eye on the creature, he continued. “You…I know not what to call you…you said you had a task for my crew and myself. What might that be?”

“I assume the man who lies here told you his story?”

“Yes. It was a terrible tale. I believe he is under the impression that his remaining here under our care implies compliance with his actions. It does not. God must not be challenged, and a god, it seems certain, is what he believes himself to be. That is blasphemy. He has delved into scientific mysteries and created a monstrosity. Forgive my bluntness, for though you are an…impressive specimen, terrible and beautiful in your way to behold…you are an unnatural thing, and have been unleashed upon the Earth by a madman.” The Monster contemplated his words, and with a slight nod of the head, expressed his agreement.

“What then is it you would have us do.”

The Monster raised himself to full heigh and plainly stated “You are to take him in hand, all of you, and physically punish him by whatever sadistic and pleasurable manner you can imagine. Take the full extent of your frustrations and passions and wield them upon his head and body. When you feel you have exhausted him and yourselves, you will give him to me.”

Talk of Victor’s deeds had spread through the crew in the previous days. While the stories of his sexual liaisons with Henry and the creature piqued their interest, it was agreed that what he had created, and for what reason, was abhorrent. He was a mystery to be sure, and he was new flesh on the ship. They were in silent agreement.

The crew long ago learned the pleasures of each other’s physical attentiveness. With the captain’s approval they had consorted in all manner of ways with each other as a way to relieve tension and boredom, and as a means of exercise. It was not uncommon to find pairs and groups in all manner of coupling in the bunk rooms, in the mess hall after meals, or for the romantically inclined, in the privacy of the bird nest as they kept watch where they could be alone with their feelings and their yearning bodies. For the more acrobatically-inclined, the rigging of the ship itself proved to be amenable for some group activity, pleasurable for those participating, and those observing from below. Many men can stand on a row of ropes on one side of the rigging while another group of men can stand on the other, two loops up, their stiff staffs meeting in line with the faces of the men on the lower row, their loose breeches easily pulled low and their long slops raised above their bellies to expose their equipment. A row of hard cocks being suckled and slobbered over by a row of hungry men, all hanging in the rigging as the ship sails in the sunshine.

The time being the dead of winter, though, there would be no taking of Victor up top. No, below deck in the stinking hold is where he would be mete the consequences of his crimes.

They seised him and carried him through the ship as he struggled and screamed for mercy. Rough hands felt his muscles writhe and twist in a futile attempt at escape. These hands groped and fondled his hard body as they carried him aloof, excited as they were for new meat to consume.

He was brought indelicately down below to the hold where sundry equipment was stored, and where some of the crew’s trysts occurred. A large hawser was piled at one end, waiting to be used. This pile of rough-hewn rope became Victor’s resting place when he was thrown over it’s bulk. Several hands relieved him of most of his clothing by merely ripping them from his frame. He appeared naked in tatters before them, his smooth pale skin with its small amount of reddish hairs at the center of his chest and trailing down to a flame-red bush above his manhood was a festive site for the men. Victor lay bruised and trembling, his backside scratched and rubbed gruffly against the rope beneath him. 

Some men climbed on top of the rope pile and were handed Victor’s ankles from others below. The sight of his ass in this manner raised and exposed, it’s tight pink hole gaping open for all to experience, caused many in the room to quickly toss aside their loose tunics and loose their breeches as they manhandled his chest, his nipples, his testicles which hung surprisingly low below his flaccid cock. A bucket of cooking grease was brought forth from the galley and smeared across his trembling hole, and the least fearful among them stepped forward with raging manhoods at the ready, impaling Victor with no concern for who watched, or how he felt. As he cried out, his buttocks was violated with an unleashing of sexual fury unknown to most in the civilized world. The men lined up, their hard cocks in their hands running up and down their lengths as they waited their turn, to have a punishing go at their new toy. 

He was unknown to them. He was not one of them. In their eyes he was a posh effete worthy of being made an example of in their urgency to tear down what they saw as an unrighteous and immoral  class distinction. The creature in the room above their heads was the result of this man’s terrible vanity. Often considered brutish and uncivilized themselves, they sympathized with the creature. And for him, they would wreak the revenge of a life long lived in the shadows on Victor’s flesh.

The fucking resumed unabated. No sooner had one man pummeled Victor with his turgid manhood and filled him with his juices, then another stepped forward to do likewise. While this occurred, others had crawled up the the side of the hawser and, situating their groins over Victor’s upturned face, pumped his mouth until he was breathless and spewing their milk over his lips. His tears ran unstopped as his throat was ravaged. His breath was often plugged completely by the long seamen’s oars filling his gaping and choking esophagus with their pricks and spunk. 

As they waited their turn on their intended victim, they turned their amorous attentions to each other. Throughout the almost unbearably hot lower decks filled with dozens of half-naked, steaming men, hands groped and explored broad well-worked chests; fingers penetrated the spreing asses of their fellow crew; men knelt to swallow the erect penises of their bunkmates and fellow riggers; and holes were taken, filled willingly by the well-endowed rabble, the men who would never be welcomed at the tables of the likes of Victor’s kind. Throughout the room, one could hear the moaning and groaning of the swarming, thrusting, mass of male flesh, but over that quiet din there was always the sound of Victor screaming when his throat wasn’t full of maleness. 

The men holding Victor’s ankles grew weary in their bladders, and both let loose streams of hot piss over the torso and into the upturned face of their captive. The golden liquid washed the dirt and spit and drying jizzum left behind by those who had already had finished their business. It splashed on the heads and cocks of those currently raping Victor’s worn hole as they laughed. Opening their mouths to catch some on their tongue, they spit it into the face of the prisoner. Finishing their streams, they knelt and took turns burying Victor’s face under their buttocks, spread wide to allow more of their exposed holes contact with his lips and mouth. One of the men, upon seeing this, ordered Victor to extend his tongue and lick their asses. Seeing Victor’s refusal, he grabbed Victors scrotum as he fucked him, squeezing and pulling until Victor opened his mouth with a scream. The men above ground their derrières down harder as the man yelled “I said lick those arseholes you filthy piece of shit!” And Victor complied as his sensitive sack was squeezed roughly, slapped and pulled by some waiting their turn. Surprisingly, Victor’s own erection was pronounced through all of this torture. Those manhandling his package would at times lean in and take it in his mouth, sucking ravenously as another plugged his ass, the pumping of which would drive Victor’s hardness deeper into their throat. They would take him to the brink of ecstasy and then release, only to start the painful punishment of gripping his balls and slapping his prick before they commenced to sucking again. 

Victor was turned over, exposing his backside to the room. A large strap of leather used for sharpening razors was brought forth and one of the more stout figures in the room, a brutish man whose frame was thickly built upon with muscles developed over years of strenuous toil, took it in his hairy paw of a hand. His thickly hirsute body gleamed with sweat as matted hair covered his body. His long cock and low-hanging sack, drained already with his turn at Victor, swung to and fro as he stepped forward with the strap. Around the edge of the room, copulations continued, their sounds now filling the room as orgasms were reached while men mounted each other. But closer to the hawser, all had gone quiet as the man with the strap took position. “Our lord received thirty-nine lashes. This man, who fancies himself a god, will receive thirty-eight.” And with that the first crack of the strap landed flatly across Victor’s buttocks. Victor could only bite down hard on the rope underneath him. Redness quickly developed there as the men cheered. Another crack across his thighs, was followed by another across his back. With each swing of the leather, the man wielding it seemed to grow more incensed, more vicious. Red welts appeared along Victor’s skin. Some broke and bled. As the beating continued, men moved into place and sat on the rope, positioning their groins under his face while others grabbed his hair and manipulated his head and slack-jawed mouth on and off the erections placed underneath, still continuing to fill his stomach with their spew. And with each crack of the leather, the air in the room seemed to thicken, to intensify, the wild gesticulating from the corners seemed almost the flailing of a dance, the mad humping and movements that displayed wanton lust unleashed throughout the dark, sultry space. 

Through the course of the evening the orgiastic depravity continued as the men sated themselves with Victor, or with each other. Various instruments were brought forth to test just how wide Victor’s hole would open. Pokers, wooden poles, not to mention countless men’s fists buried to the elbow, all pummeled and punched at Victor. Some of the men, upon seeing a greased fist first shoved deep into the open cavity, attempted this movement with their own nearby crew member. The bucket of grease became almost depleted having travelled throughout the room several times that evening lubricating all asses that were in need of it. Tables were moved about and men, taking more comfortable positions on their backs, allowed other crew members to invade their buttocks, albeit with more care than was taken with Victor. As the hours slipped by, loud manly pronouncements rang throughout the hold as men, rested a bit through the evening hours from earlier spillages, found renewed zeal and discharged second and even third loads of their milk into their compatriot’s grinning mouths as they watched all around them cocks and fists disappear into gaping holes.

Captain Walton sat on the steps leading down into the hold, observing all of this. His own manhood was fully erect as he sat with his arm around his faithful steward. After another hour, he said “Christopher, it seems our guest has suffered almost all he can endure, and the men have found new vigor in each other. I believe we have done as the creature above as requested.”

With a command, the men released Victor from his bounds and dragged him back up top where the creature waited. It seemed it was not alone though, as was witnessed when they entered the room with Victor. Some of the crew had snuck away from the hold before the captain had arrived to observe the proceedings in the hold, and made their way into the room with the Monster, partaking of his rumored prodigious hardness and with each other. 

Displaying the limp, unresponsive form of Victor at its feet, it smiled in its way. No one in the room was certain whether Victor at this point had survived the night. “His punishment was inevitable, but I have the final release.” With those words, he picked up the lifeless form, and snatching a torch from the wall, quickly retreated through the window. 

The night was at its darkest hour, just before the dawn, yet the pale moonlight illuminated just enough to witness the creature drag Victor several hundred yards away across the ice. It stopped in front of what seemed to be a small wooden structure about the length of a man. And as you probably already know from Ms. Shelley’s more famous story, it lit the structure, and threw Victor, followed by itself, onto the pyre in an act of self immolation. 

Quieted by what they witnessed from the chamber window, the men relayed the sight to those below. All retreated to their bunks, though most did so in pairs, holding another’s body close as each to a man fell to a deep slumber. 

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