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Flashback Friday Has “Daddy Feeding the Pup” At Nasty Daddy


Pups and Otters and All Kinds of Animals at Play!

For Flashback Friday I'm going back to February of 2018 where Nasty Daddy gives us hot Latin daddy Rick York feeding his ginger pup Brendan Patrick's holes in all manner of nasty ways in their scene "Daddy Feeding the Pup." These two members of the bear community, moreso in the otter category, are both tall and muscularly lean but sporting some nice fur over their defined torsos. Rick's dark Latin features with his thick dark beard pairs beautifully with Brendan's coppery ginger hair as Brendan, playing the subservient bottom slut, opens himself up to all that Rick has to offer. And what Rick has to off is prodigious! These men are simply gorgeous together with their toned frames, prominent ink and hawt military-adjacent buzz cuts, not to mention their stunning cocks.

They start things off right with a lot of passionate kissing, licking and groping of bodies. Ostensibly they're in what looks like some sort of warehouse. Or at least that's what we're meant to believe. Hey, stick a pile of boxes in an office and call it a "warehouse" to give it a blue-collar, vibe, I couldn't give a shit. I'll suspend all my disbelief if it means I get to watch these two bang like crazed weasels! They immediately create a masculine intensity, as if their backstory is that they've been workmen side by side for a while and are only just discovering their attraction to each other. Awesome!

Brendan is a total cock hound, and it doesn't take much pressing to get him to his knees to take Rick's pole deep in his mouth. He slavishly slobbers all over the man's meat, savoring every inch as it slides gruffly in and out, uncaringly choking him, gaging him, but always satisfying him. Brendan can take it and beg for more. And it's not like Rick is any kind of slouch in the cock sucking department. He loves the taste of his bottom's dick, wrapping his succulent lips around it and vacuuming it in to please his pup.

But it's the fucking these two are really here for and damn does Rick know how to lay pipe in Brendan's hole! Whether he's got him bent over a table slamming it home, or having Brendan ride him reverse cowboy style, his cock is roughly and hedonistically filling him with jealousy-inducing energy. He's a vigorous top, power-driving his cock with urgent thrusts as Brendan moans and grunts out his pleasure for what he's getting stuffed in his backside. And he's always ready for more, for harder, for deeper. They are downright acrobatic in the variety of their positions as they try to hit all the right spots for both of them, but they look best with Brendan standing, hands against the wall and one leg being lifted by Rick as his ass is worked over. This position allows the viewer the best angle for seeing the entirety of their bodies and their dicks as one fills the other. Just stunning!

"When she told me to come, I was already there." Rock lyrics aside, I mean, by the time Rick jacks his creamy spunk all over Brendan's upturned and eager mouth as he works his own load out, I was having to take this in on "the second round" let's just say.

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