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Fetish Force Releases New Full-Length “Pinned”


Pinned is the latest full-length title put out by Fetish Force, the kink and fetish brand under the Falcon Studios/NakedSword umbrella. Directed by Trenton Ducati and Jasun Mark, it stars Falcon exclusives Reign, Devin Franco and Beau Butler, with fellow wrestlers Shane Cook and Adrian Hart. When you have this much manly muscle meat on the mat, you can be sure that these guys are playing to win and take home the prize. This will feed your wrestling/jock fetish kink as the studs grapple and sweat it out on the mat in and out of their wrestling gear.

Back in high school or college, did you go to meets and hope to taste the meat? Saunter slowly passed the training room or gym and wonder how you could get in on that stunning flesh pile, thinking, "How is this possibly not considered the gayest thing since drama club?!" Then this flick is for you!

We get a lot of "wrestling" from all the built studs involved, a lot of erotic groping and manhandling of bulging muscles and crotches, grasping at limbs and torsos attempting the take-down as the flesh gets sweatier, the uniforms tighter and more in need of being stripped away. Some wrestling kink videos are simply this type of activity, erotically charged wrestling with crotches pressed into faces and asses but little nudity and no actual sex. That can be enticing in its own right, but here, it's simply a prelude to the fantastic fucking.

I need to make a note about the uniforms they're wearing. The credits don't include where they came from but they should. They're not run-of-the-mill wrestling singlets, but rather kink-wear designed to mimic singlets but with special enhancements: extra padding in the thighs with tear-away codpieces over the crotches which attach by buttons for easy access to the meat below. These were clearly made by a specialty designer for added eroticism in its aesthetic design and usability for its purpose. Form follows kinky function!

Devin and Shane are up first as the two built men battle for supremacy. The camera does a great job at closing in on bulging shoulders and arms, strained crotches, and fabric stretched over hard beefy asses. Devin "loses" and winds up with a mouthful of Shane's lengthy hard dick. But Shane likes some pole in his mouth-hole, as well, and they trade vigorous BJs. In a surprising twist, Devin blows his load early on in Shane's mouth, which he then reverse-felches (is that a thing now?) into Devin's asshole, rimming him and filling him with his own load.

Cutting to part two of their scene, dressed now in crotchless leather-like jockstraps, the two grapple a bit before Shane is driving his hefty cock deep in Devin's upturned ass. It doesn't take long before he's squirting his creamy load over Devin's torso and shoving it back in to breed him with his remaining spunk.

We get less realistic-looking wrestling out of Beau and Adrian as Reign oversees the proceedings as the referee, but we also get a lot more sex, with Beau's furry gorgeousness winding up between the two endowed hard bodies. If it's one thing Beau loves, it's having his holes worked simultaneously, and both Adrian and Reign deliver some aggressive, testosterone-fueled pumping action. Later, Adrian and Beau both get to play the finger cuff as they take turns on the bottom between Reign and whoever isn't getting royally fucked. It all ends up with Adrian taking Reign's cum load deep in his guts while Beau spews on his ripped abs.

Pinned is available now at the Falcon/NakedSword store. Click the banner below to go to Falcon for updates on when scenes drop there to stream.


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