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Sir Jet’s Top 5 Ways to Gender Bend in the Bedroom


Top 5 Ways to Gender Bend in the Bedroom

Sir Jet's male physique would make Michelangelo swoon. His classically handsome face, penetrating gaze, and marble-worthy body make him instantly recognizable in the adult film arena...oh, did we mention that perfect ass? He is not shy about his sexuality and is comfortable in and out of clothing. With years of bodybuilding, nude art posing, a fair share of escorting, and even music under his belt, he has combined sexuality and artistic expression to create a personal brand in the industry. Beyond his muscles, five o'clock shadow, and masculine energy, he also embraces his feminine side. He identifies as gender fluid and has not shied away from bringing that fluidity to the bedroom and onscreen. He is as comfortable in heels and lingerie as he is in the weight room and is a forerunner in the world of gender-bending, a theme that is now being explored in porn and even in mainstream entertainment.

Curious about exploring your feminine side in the bedroom? Sir Jet stopped by to give his Top 5 Ways to Gender Bend in the Bedroom:

1. Find your own style. What are you into that you are curious about? Explore what you love! Are you into lingerie, heels, corsets, dresses, lace gloves? Find your style and enjoy yourself. Playing dress-up should be as fun now as it was when you were a child!

2. Go shopping! There are some great resources for men’s lingerie online such as candymanfashion.com. You can also find great stockings on legavenue.com, as well as Hot Topic. Amazon has a huge selection of Pleaser heels (women’s shoes made in men’s sizes). There are also places you can go to find items. Now that it’s October, both Spirit Halloween and Party City have a great selection of stockings, gloves, and cute accessories like lace bunny ears, and some local sex shops have great lingerie sections.

3. Have fun trying on different things in the mirror. Don’t worry what others might think, you’re in your own home doing this for you. Truthfully though, if you choose to share your styles online, more than ever before thanks to queer culture becoming a huge part of the mainstream these days, with shows like Ru Paul’s Drag Race and entertainers like Lil Nas X, more and more people enjoy seeing the blending of genders and other’s creativity, so you’re more likely to receive positive rather than negative feedback.

4. Match boy lingerie and underwear with girl accessories. Men’s lingerie has pockets for your privates and so they’re more comfortable than women’s. Also, basic thongs go great with garter belts and stockings. Use your imagination to create your own looks from stuff from all sides of the gender spectrum!

5. Most important, pay no attention to anyone who tries to tell you gender-bending is wrong. As Sasha Velour once said on Drag Race: “gender is a construct, tear it apart!” The way we decorate our bodies is our personal taste. Nothing inanimate has an actual gender, so it’s up to us to decide what we want to wear. Clothes are a form of self-expression, but we get to decide whether we want to wear something or not. Don’t be afraid and never be ashamed to try on something someone else is afraid to wear.

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