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Open Call For Writers


Attention Prospective Writers!  We’re looking for high quality writers to join the Cybersocket.com editorial team. We’re looking for writers in all areas including Pop Culture, Fiction, News Reporters, and Essayists: If you think you’ve got what it takes, we want to hear from you!


What We’re Looking For?

Gay News - Your 500+ word first person reports or interviews with observers of events and policies of interest to the gay community. 

Gay Essays - Your 1500+ word personal essays about topics of interest to the gay community.  

Gay Fiction- Male on Male Erotica - Your 1500+ word gay fiction erotica. 

Gay Adult Scene Reviews - Your 400-800 word review on gay porn scenes. Our management team assigns the topics, or you suggest and we approve.

Gay Website Reviews - Your 1200-1500 word review on gay porn websites. Our management team assigns the topics, or you suggest and we approve.


Guide To Having Your Writing Accepted

In order to create a successful submission, a few very basic requirements must be met. All of the following must be complied with or your list will be rejected.


  • Perfect English. Native speaker level.
  • Reputable Sources. Verifiable proof from reputable sources is required.
  • Copies and Reworkings. No copies or reworks. No spinning
  • Site Style Match. Content must match site style.
  • Translations. No translations of foreign language content.

Images And Videos

Please do not include videos or images. In lieu, you can attach links to any content that supports or substantiates the content. Our editorial team will find appropriate images/videos for your content.

Illegal Content Prohibited

No Depictions, descriptions or alluding to violence, simulated violence, rape, non-consensual violence, underage sex, bestiality, or sex with the dead, OR any other illegal subject or topic.


Plagiarism is not tolerated. We employ practices to identify plagiarism, and any attempt to pass off work that is not exclusively yours to represent, will result in being blacklisted from Cybersocket.com

Quantity Vs. Quality

Cybersocket.com insists on QUALITY over QUANTITY.  We encourage our writers to spend sufficient time on content submitted for our review. Usage of content farming or any third parties to produce content is strictly prohibited. Low quality content will be rejected, and the author removed from the program. 

Editorial Control

Upon submission our editors review the content. We reserve the right to edit the content.  Ideally we will make little to no changes. Please double check your work, and utilize Grammarly or something similar to clean up your work. Ideally your content should Flesch score no higher than the 11 year old reading level, much like the best English literature.  You can check that here: http://bit.ly/SYPxoh 


How To Be Considered?

To be considered as a literary provider to Cybersocket.com, you should fill out the form below and meet the requirements of the position. 

Fiction Writers: Please send a cover letter of interest and the first page of your 1500+ word fictional male-on-male erotica.

News Reporters: Please send a brief cover letter of interest and basic information about the news you want to report and what makes you a good person to report it. If your news item is time sensitive, say so in the subject line.

Essay Writers: Please send a brief cover letter of interest and basic information about the topic you want to write about and why you are a good person to opine or reminisce about it. A limited number of essay slots are available to community members who were there, did that, or clearly remember or know someone or something that needs to be shared.

Prospective Reviewers: Please send a cover letter of interest outlining your experience as a reviewer of adult content to (email address). Include a URL with examples, if possible.


Copyright And Payment Agreement

Copyright and Ownership

When you send your content to us, you extend us the first right of refusal.  That means that if we choose your content, and pay you, we own that piece of content outright.  It can’t be sold to anyone else, or used on any other website or outlet for any reason. It becomes the property of Cybersocket.com, and all rights, including moral rights, are transferred to Cybersocket.com. If we reject the content, the copyright and rights remain with you. All content will be accepted or rejected within 14 days of submission. Please read the Content Provider Agreement below carefully.

Payment For Content

Cybersocket.com pays market rate for content accepted for usage on Cybersocket.com. We make every effort to accept/reject submissions within 14 days.  Once submission is received and approved you will receive the offer relative to that submitted piece.  If accepted the work will be purchased and payment release.  We issue payment for accepted content bi-monthly.

We're actively seeking consistent writers and are open to part-time and freelance positions in addition to singular submissions.

We look forward to working with you.  Contact us

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