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Marcus Experiences “Dr. Wolf’s Workout” Over At Fun-Size Boys


He Gets To Use All The Doctor's Equipment.

When we last saw petite cutie Marcus Rivers and his ginger doctor daddy Legrand Wolf, they were having quite the torrid physical exam aided by Dr. Wolf's nurse, Cole Blue. This time around, Fun-Size Boys gives us this daddy/boy combo having a fun time on the workout equipment in "Marcus Ch. 7: Dr. Wolf's Workout." And believe me, when the good doctor gets his equipment primed and ready, little Marcus is going to be sweating it up big-time. Marcus is a tiny twink with a tight ass that Legrand's thick and lengthy "tongue depressor" will eventually have saying  "AAHHHH," but I don't think there's anything depressing about it. (Oh my God, stop with the puns!)

Doc finds his patient working out in a local gym (that is carpeted?!) and saunters over to join him and give him a few pointers. (Okay, also, I'm not gonna even ask why Legrand isn't wearing shoes. Just gonna let that little detail pass.) You know that sex shit's gonna go down when someone puts themself in the spotter position, their crotch hovering just over the trainee's face. Legrand being as tall as he is means he's way over Marcus' face, but I think they'll work it out. They move through some different maneuvers which bring the two closer and closer still, with hands guiding body parts to correct positions, hips grinding into fleshy parts, crotch rubbing against thighs, and all the other manner in which parts come in contact with parts as the erotic steam rises. Legrand is a good guide as he gives legit workout advice while maneuvering himself in to strike his prey.

While performing chest presses, Doc can't help but notice his patient's eyes are focused more on the bulge in his crotch, and at Marcus' suggestion, they move to a more fun activity. Legrand leans in and starts to passionately kiss the younger man, reaching over and groping within his shorts and rubbing his trimmed chest. Standing him up on the weight bench, he leans over and takes Marcus' hard dick deep down his throat, showing him he isn't just all-Top as he makes the boy moan, his dick disappearing down the older man's throat with some expert sucking. And likewise, Marcus does what he can with the doc's massive pole, but really... there's a matter of pure logistics and physiology getting in the way of Marcus deep-throating that monster. No worries. It's fun to watch him try. Back up on the bench and we get a great view of Legrand sucking Marcus again as he gently inserts a finger or more deep in the kid's tight hole, getting it primed for more.

Sitting on the bench, Legrand's rock-hard cock is easily straddled by the eager Marcus, with plenty to hold onto and balance himself as he lowers his ass inch by inch down on that raging pole. He looks great as he works himself up and down, eventually taking it to the hilt, impaling his backside on its entire length. Bent over the incline bench, Marcus can fuck himself back on doc's dick until Legrand can finally go (almost) full out, jamming into the young man with hot explosive bursts before tensing up and spraying his creamy prize deep in Marcus' ass. He pulls out and we get the final tantalizing image of his load leaking from the boy's no-longer-tight hole.

Click the pic below to view the whole scene at Fun-Size Boys.


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