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Men Over 30 Are Having Some “Versatile Threeway Fun!”


Someone Threw A Bucket Of Muscle Bears On A Bed And Said "Go For It!"

Gio Caruso directs hairy muscle studs Mitchell Riley, Justin Eros, and Jake Morgan in "Versatile Threeway Fun!" streaming now over at Men Over 30. This is a fun group of guys, all versatile, all a bit hairy, all with luscious beards for collecting cum, but each also still maintaining their own unique look. Riley has his bleached ginger thing happening, while Justin is a bit younger with darker Latino looks, and Jake is grooving his dad-cruised-at-Home-Depot vibe. Individually they are hot as fuck, and together they make for an energetically masculine pile of muscled hirsute flesh, all hard cocks drilling and eager holes open for whatever. And as we learn, this is Justin's first on-screen three-way, so that adds an additional layer of excitement as we see him experiencing something new.

They start off spending a good amount of time on the oral, where Justin is more than happy to lay back and let the two daddies feed him, taking turns filling his young mouth with their hard dicks. But they're not about to let Justin's meat go unattended, as they also take turns shoving their gorgeous bearded faces down onto his sausage, gobbling it up with gusto. This is a sausage fest after all and these hungry guys aren't going to let anything go to waste. Justin is also happy on all fours between them, eating whatever cock is placed in front of him while the other gets down and spreads his cheeks, eating his fuzzy crack and lapping his hole with their exploring tongues for some hawt rimming action.

This, of course, has him in a position to get fucked first as Jake takes advantage of his exposed ass, plunging in deep, which pushes his head further into Riley's hairy bush. When Riley takes his turn at the young man's ass, Jake takes the opportunity to eat Riley's hairy butt cheeks. How about a fuck chain? Sure! Jake plants himself back in Justin's hole while Riley climbs up behind Jake, shoving his pole deep in the older daddy's backside as he then commences to grind his hips back and forth, fucking himself on Riley's thick cock while plowing the kid below him. Justin also proves himself to be an awesome top, getting a crack at each older guy's crack. But Jake really seems to be the super bottom of the day, winding up on his back as Riley fucks a load out of him before Riley and Justin blow their creamy jizz all over his open and willing mouth. Slurp!

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