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Marcus Takes On His Scoutmaster Jack For Scout Boys


When The Tent Is A-Rockin', Don't Come... um, Forget That. Go Ahead And Cum!

Over at Scout Boys, young twink scout Marcus Rivers has some lusty and inappropriate feelings for Scoutmaster Jake Thirio. Inappropriate... and soon to be realized! In their scene "Scout Marcus Ch. 3: Setting Up Camp," when the two are left behind to set up camp, the sound of tent zippers sounds too much like zippers on the fronts of their tight uniforms and it just gets them going. Well, the zipper sound, and the outdoors, and the two of them in tight quarters, and the fact that they're both dudes... OKAY! There are a lot of factors that lead to their naked bodies crushing each other!

Marcus is a cute, small-framed pale twink who isn't afraid to reach out and grab what he wants. And what he wants is the tanned and well-defined daddy scoutmaster Jake. Working in the tent, he goes in for a kiss. After a bit of a soft rebuff, Marcus, in all his youthful arrogance and greed, kisses the man again. Well, Jake doesn't need a third time to tell him what's what, and he drags the boy in for some long deep passionate tonguing. Since kissing naturally leads to other things, Marcus can see he's gonna get exactly what he wants.

Leaning back, Jake allows the young man to open his fly and explore his crotch with his mouth. His thick daddy dick deep in the kid's throat, Jack reaches around and lets the boy's own cock flop out to greet the world, jacking it to full hardness, which only serves to get the kid even more excited, working the scoutmaster's tent pole with greater feracity than before. To stave off cumming too soon, Jake flips the boy to all fours and devours his tight eager hole, tonguing the pert rosebud, getting it nice and wet, teasing it with his oral ministrations. This all gets Marcus nice and lubed up, ready to open himself fully to the older man.

Positioning himself behind the boy, Jake looks amazing sliding his meaty spit-lubed dick into that resistant yet willing butthole. Marcus pushes back and Jake is off and running, relentlessly banging the boy's backside, and placing a hand over his mouth when he moans and whimpers too loudly, lest anyone else hear them. (Nice touch there Jake! The beauty of the performance is in the small details.) On his back, Marcus can really relax his sphincter to withstand a true assault as Jake jackhammers a thick load deep in the boy's colon, breeding him like beasts in the wild.

Click the pic below to visit Scout Boys for all the uniformed fun.

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