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Throwback Thursday Has Some “Ass To Mouth” At Nasty Daddy


Some Guys Love The Taste Of Their Own Ass!

Back in February of 2018, Nasty Daddy put handsome bearded studs Brendan Patrick and Tex Davidson together for a bit of kinky fucking in their scene "Ass To Mouth." Kinky because it turns out DILF hottie Brendan loves to taste his own ass off another dude's cock after it's been fucking him a while. I know how he feels. Slurp! It's not everyone's jam,  but if the bottom has prepped sufficiently, some ATM action can add another layer of kinky joy to the proceedings. It's a thin layer of Devil-may-care attitude and throwing caution to the wind when you just don't give a fuck and dive right in to enjoy all the encounter has to offer. Fuck it, they say... and get in there and fuck it!

Both of the guys are handsome with athletic bods, muscled and defined with a nice amount of hair and gorgeous dark beards. Brendan is a daddy bottom who has come to learn what really turns him on, and this in turn turns on his buddy Tex, a more powerfully beefy daddy top. Daddy and daddy working up a sweat as they suck and bang the afternoon away. Can it get any better?

Tex is a commanding top stud who takes charge of Brendan's holes from the get-go. The two hirsute hotties dive into each other mouth first, sucking down lengthy poles engorged with masculine desire and lust. Brendan is a particularly subservient slutty bitch, vocalizing his enjoyment at being used and "abused" by Tex's meat stick as it pummels his throat, his meaty hands on the back of Brendan's head forcing him down to the hilt. And Tex looks amazing as his gruff face disappears between Brendan's fuzzy cheeks to spread his hole and lap with hungry abandon at the hairy crack presenting before him.

Tex is swinging a prodigious piece between his legs, and its thick girth becomes enveloped by Brendan's greedy ass as it gets shoved in mercilessly. Brendan is a vocal bottom who calls out all his lusty reactions, filling the room with his rapturous joy as he's pummeled and ridden in several positions. I can't tell if he enjoys more being taken from behind or climbing on top and riding that horse, but either way, he looks fantastic. He has these great hairy legs and ass cheeks that seem made to have a thick cock splitting them open. And when he needs a break, he gets off and plants his face right on that slick, sweat-and-lube-covered cock to taste his ass off the muscleman's member.

The cum shots are basically superfluous, though gorgeous, as Brendan gets his load fucked out of him before lapping at Tex's jizz when it's jacked into his face. But honestly, the meat of the matter is the raw frenetic energy these two create while they're banging the holy hell outta each other.

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