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Myles Landon Breeds His Boy Blake Ellis For Gaycest


Dad And Son Get Closer At The Forbidden Boy Hotel.

Gaycest, the home of the "fauxcest" genre, brings us Myles Landon and his nephew Blake Ellis in the extravagantly titled "Forbidden Boy Hotel  Tape 11: Breeding My Little Boy's Hotel." It's also a bit of a misnomer only because Blake, with his tall, athletic build, is certainly no "little boy." But hey, you won't hear me complain. Paired with the equally fit and defined Myles with his gym bod and thick daddy cock, these two make a hot pair of "uncle and nephew" checking into the locale of choice for an illicit rendezvous. In this site's world of their creation, it's a safe place where dads can take their younger relatives for some improper affection away from the public eye.

Apparently, Blake isn't the only nephew who's seen the inside of the hotel. He says "I've been excited about it ever since my brother told me." Well! Uncle Myles is certainly working his way through the male family members! Now I wanna see him bang the kids' father! We open on Myles reading some kind of business somethingorother as Blake crawls into bed with him, both clad in robes covering a simple jockstrap, and eager, greedy, youthful hands start exploring under the flaps of cloth and groping at bulging crotches. There's a lot of tender kissing as Blake's hand runs the length of Myle's hardening cock below the stretched jock fabric and gets his mouth in place. He takes time working his lips and tongue over the cloth, getting a feel for it before letting it loose to the world. This slow, patient, deliberate pace makes for an erotically slow build as the heat rises. But the Kracken is eventually released and its thick length flops in the kid's face to be swallowed and savored. Myles keeps the incest idea going when he makes several references to Blake's brother as the one who taught him his sucking skills and was once where he is now. When do we see the threesome?

Fully excited, Uncle flips his nephew over on his stomach so he can explore the boy's beefy bubble butt with his tongue and fingers, making Blake moan and squirm, aching for more. He starts to pop it in and you can tell it's gonna take some slow working before he can go for broke. Blake's hole gives some resistance, but Myles is up to the patience job and eventually, the ass he wants succumbs to his pressure. And damn, does Blake's ass look amazing with that fat cock plumbing its depths. He must have relaxed enough because Myles is soon pummeling his butt with a relentless pounding that drives Blake into the mattress, holding him down with his strong arms. Hitting climax speed, Myles pulls out and cranks a load onto his nephew's ass cheeks before scooping it up with his dick and fucking it all back into him, and collapsing on him with more passionate kisses. Aawwww...

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