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Aiden Fox Is “The Prize” At Boys For Sale


He's A Prize Wrapped In A Tight Box.

"Boy Aiden, Ch. 2: The Prize" continues Aiden Fox's journey as a kept object to be bought, sold, and used at the whim of the older men who brought him in, prepped him, and helped him discover his purpose to serve. Streaming at Boys For Sale, the scene pairs him with muscle daddy bear Max Sargent ("Master Ballard"), who's domineering presence is tempered by his handsome salt-n-pepper good looks, powerful build, and impressively thick cock. He works over the smooth, tightly-built Aiden in a way that is both commanding and tender.

We start off with the auction block, as it were, as fellow muscle bear Lance Charger in a dapper suit leads Aiden and Austin Young, another boy for sale, onto the dais for inspection. Lance displays the two as the bids are seen rising in the upper corner. Max places the highest bid and takes possession of his purchase, though the rest of the sex scene is with Aiden only.

In the bedroom, Max dominates in a gentle manner, issuing commands to the boy regarding how to undress him, suck his cock, and at what pace to move. And Max, in turn, takes time to inspect his new toy. Usually, in scenes like this, the younger is forced to worship the older body. In this case, it's the older man who takes his time to fully inspect and enjoy every inch of the beautiful young man with his hands, his tongue, and eventually his dick. Almost as if he can't quite believe his good fortune to have this prize in his possession, he is going to take his time with his enjoyment.

Aiden's mouth is plumbed as Max slides his meat in and out, testing the boy's resolve with such an amount of girth, and Max in turn works his tongue and full face around and inside the kid's tight crack, tasting his possession before taking possession. Standing, he presses his bulbous head against that tight puckering hole, popping it in and letting it rest a bit as the two gently moan and sweat it out. Advancing forward, he gives him inch by inch, letting him get used to the size before he works up to a steady, rhythmic pace, pumping his daddy cock in and out, to the hilt, and out to the tip. He wants to feel every surface of the boy's insides, and he wants the boy to feel every inch of his pole.

It seems through much of the fucking that Max is compelled to take it slow as Aiden has some difficulty taking the whole thing with gusto and energetic passion. Whether this is out of a sense of performance or physical need of the performer, I'm not sure, but it leads to a more paced and intense coupling. Only on his back does Aiden seem most comfortable with Max letting loose a bit, getting his ass really plowed before Max pulls out and shoots over Aiden's black jock before shoving it all back in to give him his last drops internally.

The pic below will take you to Boys For Sale to view the whole scene.


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