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Julian Torres’ Wish Is Granted In “Breed Me And Feed Me” At Men Over 30


Jack Andy Is More Than Handy Slipping Julian His Candy.

In "Breed Me and Feed Me" streaming now at Men Over 30, hirsute hottie Julian Torres gets his requests met by fellow hairy fucker Jack Andy in a stunning pairing of muscled daddy bears. I've never been one to follow the gay rule that "over 30" translates to "older," that there's some sort of unwritten code that follows vaguely to the societal rules set down in Queer As Folk, or the old Sci-Fi flick Logan's Run, that 30 equals death. Personally, "over 30" means "finally, guys who know just what the fuck they want and just what to do with it." It also means I'm probably gonna find them hawt as opposed to their 20-something counterparts who are simply hot. Yeah... there's a difference. And these two studs definitely fit my bill for over 30 hawt! Julian is a dark-haired beauty covered in gorgeous black fur and tats, while Jack is a perfect foil for him: gingery, delicately hairy, and no tattoos. They make a great-looking pair of contrasts, each difference highlighting the other's attributes.

These guys hit the ground running as they take little precious time in stripping down and popping their engorged boners out of their shorts. Jack slowly peels his fly apart and out flops a long flesh tube that makes Julian's eyes go wide. He hungrily falls on it with his open mouth, sucking it down deep, and proceeds to gobble and gag and sputter saliva as he devours that meat with eager greed. He's enjoying making a lot of noise as it bangs the back of his throat, trigging his gag reflex resulting in loud retching, his whole upper body convulsing with the effort. Ya just wanna yell out "Fuck yeah, suck it, bitch!" And Jack just lays back with a conspiratorial smile spread across his handsome face as he watches the bottom stud do his thing. He seems to take a certain pride in how Julian "struggles" with his large dick.

Jack's face is especially handsome when he's buried in Julian's hairy crack, eating his hole with vigorous tongue-fucking action before he raises those hairy tree-trunk thighs and shoves that pole in deep making his bottom buddy emit a repeated "Oh fuck, oh fuuuuuck!" Julian's head falls back in pure manly ecstasy as his backside is invaded by Jack's pounding, and crawling on top he can take some control, grinding down on Jack's dick, or having the auburn-haired hottie pile-drive into him from below.

On his back, you can see what a sweat is being worked up as Julian's chest and belly hair forms thick, matted sworls of patterns as he vigorously jacks his meat while Jack plows away, both men releasing their creamy loads, which Jack then fucks back into Julian's ass.

Check out the whole scene at Men Over 30 by clicking the pic below.


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