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A Cleansing Bath Gets Dirty Fast on Men.com


Romance And Passion Combine In A Sudsy Studly Encounter

Klein Kerr is a Top who knows how to get what he wants from his bottom: by pampering him. In “Suds and Studs” he leads by example and is amply rewarded by the highly appreciative Ken Summers. As always, Men.com presents us with desirable performers in enviable settings having aesthetically pleasing, highly erotic sex that makes us wanna pop.

Fresh blossoms, foaming bath salts, and green growing plants await Ken when he enters the bathroom, wearing a plush white robe and a shy smile. Klein is equally happy to see Ken and the two men indulge in a series of warm hugs and kisses until they’re both clad in only their sensible white underwear. Klein’s dominance is subtle but decisive, like a dancer taking the lead in this X-rated seduction. Ken looks like the kind of wholesome young man who enjoys being lead into vice by others but can hold his own.

Once naked, Ken steps into the warm waters that await him in the clawfoot tub. His pleasure doesn’t end with the scented bath since Klein continues to kiss his neck, ears, and mouth while soaping him up. Ken’s appreciation is so intense that it inspires him to kneel in the tub for improved mouth kissing. It’s just a happy coincidence that this allows us to admire his gorgeous ass and balls. He gets into several positions that don’t look comfortable, including resting across the width of the tub, in order to smooch with his sweetheart.

Klein, who has been rinsing the younger man off between kisses, reveals his uncut erection, which also wants a kiss. The tattooed lover, still wearing his white crew socks, turns his partner around and sets to noshing on the previously mentioned beautiful, hairless ass and its inviting hole. Ken’s mouth speaks loudly without saying a word as he changes position yet again to put Klein’s phallus in between his facial cheeks. The lip-lovin’ must be pretty good, because Klein finally slips off his socks and steps into the water for more of it.

Thoroughly inspired by Ken’s generous cock sucking, the time has arrived for Ken to turn around for some ass fucking. He stands with his left leg hovering so that Klein can find that magic entryway to Ken’s prostate before they re-contort for some kneeling action with some sexy dominance on Klein’s part when he grabs his sweet-faced boy’s shoulders while pumping away at him from behind.

The visuals are inspirational, if not raw or particularly hardcore in their presentation. Instead, the feel is clean, crisp, loving, leaving nothing to the imagination but not showing enough to qualify as an actual rectal exam. There is much kissing and, when the two men step out of the tub and gaze into one another’s faces, there is a tingly sense of connection that only grows when Klein leans forward to kiss and lick Ken’s upper body. Ken likes this. He likes it so much that when his partner moves over to a padded bench and reclines, Ken immediately returns to nursing on the eager man-meat before him. Once it’s nice and wet, Ken settles himself onto it and continues the kissing, now with added anal penetration. It’s hard work, as can be seen when Ken struggles to get Klein inside of him during reverse, and it’s not quiet once that padded bench starts banging around.

Noising banging aside, the happy times just keep rolling, because all that butt sex has gotten him turned on enough that he nuts a delightful amount of creamy boy butter onto his thigh and elsewhere. Not one to selfishly indulge without offering his face in return, Ken rests on the bench so his smooth face and neck can provide a soft landing place for Klein’s hot cum. A dainty portion sticks to the fresh-faced bottom’s lower lip, where he plays with it, savoring the flavor of his Top before the two step back into the tub to remove evidence of their encounter, thus returning the “Suds and Studs” universe to its perfect balance.

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