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Flashback Friday Has Cee Mofur And Jimmy Ryder Poolside Over At Bear Films


It's A Wet Cubby Furfest From 2012.

Over in Bear Films' archives I found this gem of oral stimulation featuring the aptly-psuedonymed Cee Mofur (HA! I love it.) and Jimmy Ryder getting their groove on in a San Diego outdoor jacuzzi back in August of 2012. Cee is a darkly handsome guy with a beefy thick body covered in hot tats and black fur that starts in the front and goes around to the back. His shaved head and trimmed beard give him a street-wise look, not one you'd peg in the local store as being "family" until he was pinning you up against the wall outside the bathroom at Home Depot, feeling you up and tonguing your mouth. A situation I personally wouldn't fend off with much effort. Paired with Jimmy, who is smaller framed but equally cubbish with his furry chest and com-fuck-me eyes, the two make for an adorable pair of fuzzy beasts who just can't keep their hands off each other. It's mostly an oral scene, but the flaring intensity and connections they make give the viewer no sense that they're missing anything without the expected fucking.

They hit the ground running, finding the two soaking in the water as they run their hands over each other's hirsute bodies, making out furiously, tasting each other's mouths and sweat in the California sun. Cee likes his tits worked, displaying verbal appreciation when Jimmy works his way down that broad hairy chest to settle on those man-nips. Cee gives it back, as he passionately kisses his buddy while twisting Jimmy's tits in his thick sausage fingers. "You like this? Huh? Yeah?" to which Jimmy can only loll his head back in heated desire. The tit play keeps coming up throughout the encounter between lustful kissing and mouthing the chest and nips, either by teasing, licking, or outright biting and chomping down and frankly, it's hot as hell to watch.

It's an almost romantic encounter as the movement and pace between the two ebbs and flows between excited kissing and tit play to slower moments where they find themselves simply rubbing up against each other. Jimmy facing the deck as Cee slides up behind him, hugging and caressing him felt warm to me even now, half a country and nine years away. Cee's face looks gorgeous as it's buried between Jimmy's fuzzy cheeks, spreading and tongue-fucking him, or flipping him around to swallow his engorged cock to the hilt. On the deck, they engage in a round of 69-ing with Jimmy on top. Swallowing each other fully, Cee plays with Jimmy's hairy crack, fingering his hole vigorously as Jimmy's dick grows even harder in Cee's mouth. And the cum splatters as they lay next to each other, kissing and jacking, looked like a tasty treat indeed.

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