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Billy Baval And Mathieu Lafite Are Public Fuckers For Jalif Studio


On the Stairs Where They Work, They Don't Care!

Billy Baval and Mathieu Lafite are two athletically built, lusty young Spanish studs who give us a hot, torrid scene over at Jalif Studio. They are horned up and full of testosterone and jizz that need to get sprayed after holes are used and abused. And if that occurs outdoors in a public setting? Well, then all the better. Meeting up in an area where they work, these two horndogs can't wait to get safely indoors, taking their action to the stairwell to do their business. Yep, been there, and I know how tantalizing and dangerous such a location can be, only serving to heighten the sexual allure.

They share a similar look, both being tautly muscled, smooth, and lean with slicked hair and handsome faces. It's no wonder Mathieu puts up no resistance when he walks into the stairwell and finds his coworker Billy already working his long erect cock, stroking it sensually as he sits on the stair. Hearing Mathieu arrive for work, Billy stands, his rock-hard dick on full display, proudly swinging in the air for all to see. Asking if Mathieu wants to join him and receiving the assumed "Si!" they move to the stair, Billy back against the stone wall as his buddy falls to his knees, diving on that delicious piece of meat. Okay, sorry to interrupt the porniness for a moment, but can I just say this is one of the more subtly erotic and gorgeous settings for a porn scene I've seen in a while. I love scenes in public locales, and I love barns and old farmhouses. Somehow this combines all of that, with stone steps placed against a stone wall, rising up to rough-hewn timbers that tower over these two beautiful bodies of flesh and blood, and the camera manages to capture all of this with well-placed angles. It's all so aesthetically pleasing and somehow heightens the sexuality. Okay, sorry... back to fucking.

Mathieu savors Billy's flavor a while until he's roughly pushed to the stair, ass up high, where Billy proceeds to basically attack his buddy's asshole with wanton abandon. He gives it rough and it's just what Mathieu wants, to be slammed and fucked hard. Billy is more than up to the task of giving his bottom what he wants, and drives his pipe deep in Mathieu's eager manhole relentlessly, recklessly, where anyone could see or hear them. Moving him to the top stair, Mathieu's long legs are spread high and wide as Billy goes for broke on his ass before the two jack massive cum wads all over themselves in a hedonistic display of youthful masculinity.

Check it all out for yourself over at Jalif Studio by clicking the link below.

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