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Boy Tom Gets “The Appraisal” From Master Charger At Boy For Sale


The Twink Releases The Beast.

Boy For Sale gives us another hot scene of an older man/younger boy laced with heavy doses of domination kink as boy Tom Bentley is ravaged by his appraiser Master Lance Charger in "Boy Tom: Chapter Five, The Appraisal." As other handsome, suited men observe and assist, Tom is inspected rather thoroughly by the hawt-as-fuck muscle bear daddy Lance, who lets out his inner unreserved beast much to the surprise of himself and the lad. And while Tom might be a "twink," you can see in the depth of his eyes and the slight shade of facial stubble that there is a man brewing behind that still young and lean facade. There's a knowingness behind those eyes; there's experience, which is probably what brought him to this place and allows him to go through this kinky game of dominance and submission. He knows who he is and what he can get out of it... and what cards he holds.

Leading Tom to the dais clad only in a black jockstrap and matching bow tie, the dapperly-dressed Lance runs his hands up and down the young man's body, inspecting his limbs, torso, face, and crotch. When he turns him around and inspects his cheeks and crack, Lance starts letting his lust free as he goes in to smell, to lick, to taste. He rubs his silver fox beard gently, then spreads the cheeks and grinds his chin in, and tongues the crack to make sure it's to his liking. Several other men are invited in to observe and he begins measuring the boy like a prize animal, which he is. Yes, his mouth is splayed wide and checked as well. The others are invited to step forward and inspect him themselves, all the men rubbing and pinching and groping as they please while Lance steps back and starts rubbing his hardening cock through his pants.

Placed on all fours, Tom is greased up, his hole spread and fingered. Lance goes down and started eating his hole vigorously as others grope themselves, some pulling their daddy dicks out to slowly rub themselves as Lance takes position at Tom's head so the lad can take him down his throat while his ass is fingered by others. Lance feeds him slowly but it's his ass that this daddy's cock needs. He's turned around and unceremoniously entered as Lance slides easily in and quickly picks up the pace to a torrid fucking as the others watch, jack, and take cell phone pics. These two look stunning together as Lance powerfully dominates the boy with his muscled, hairy frame pushing his full length behind every pulsing stroke deep in his ass. At one point, Bishop Angus steps forward close enough for Tom to take his fat cock in his mouth, but only briefly. Laid on his back while others hold his limbs up and apart, Lance lets loose his full masculine virility on Tom's ass until he reaches a powerful crescendo of humping muscle and exploding cum deep in that tender ass.

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