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We Get Extra Material For A Fave Scene In “Behind the Scenes: Eli and Dennis” Over At Amateurs Do It


They Re-Issued A Most Popular Scene And Gave Us A Bit More!

Amateurs Do It brings us some of Australia's hottest amateur dudes willing to bang on camera, and apparently, Eli and Dennis put on such a show that they're the stars of one of the site's most popular videos. Reissuing it as "Behind the Scenes: Eli and Dennis," the site added some behind the scenes material and extended it a bit to give us even more of what was already a good thing. Eli is the clear star of the scene. At 6'6" and hung like a farm animal, his handsome good looks and hairy bod are a nice contrast to 24-year-old Russia-born Dennis, a pale, tatted twink who at first looks like he thinks he might have bitten off a bit more than he can chew.

Eli's member is simply enormous. It has considerable girth, yes, but it's the length that really impresses. Top that pipe off with a thick mushroom cap and you have a prodigious tool that any bottom would be happy to take a stab at. Cute Dennis is the lucky fellow here and they don't waste any time it seems, heading right into some serious fucking. On his stomach with his ass up high in the air, Dennis gets a feel for what is to come when Eli spends some time jacking his dick to full hard and tantalizing his bottom du jour by slapping his hose repeatedly against Dennis' crack. It takes some doing, but when Eli is finally in, he simply goes for broke. He's a guy who wants to fuck, and he's found a hole to fuck, and fuck it he absolutely does. He's rather merciless, ramming and pounding away at Dennis' willing backside. He dominates the hole as he slams in and out repeatedly while Dennis' moans fill the air. The bottom acquiesces to the fleshy assault, and pretty soon is right there with Eli, meeting him passionate grunt for grunt. As he works into the rhythm the large man sets, you can see him relax and take pride in what his body is accomplishing by taking all that Eli has to offer.

When Eli has Dennis on his back, the younger man has the opportunity to relax a bit more and jack his cock to an impressive load over his torso. But it's Eli's geyser that is really worth waiting for. It takes a bit after he pulls out to jack himself off, but when he finally does, it's a gusher of spraying cum delivered all over Dennis' face that really needs to be seen to be appreciated.

Check out Eli and Dennis and other Aussie amateurs at Amateurs Do It by clicking the link below.


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