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Cole Blue Is Ordained In Masonic Boys’ “Apprentice Blue Chapter 7: Ordination”


Lordy, Does He Give His Holy Holes To the Lord!

"Apprentice Blue Chapter 7: Ordination" streaming now over at Masonic Boys gives us the latest chapter in the religious instruction of Apprentice Cole Blue. Cole, a tall, handsome, athletically built young man is well paired with his instructor, Grandmaster Bishop Angus, a powerful, muscle, and fur-covered daddy bear who takes the young man by the hand, and other body parts, to bring him further into the fold. It's a hot suck and fuck session with an overlying theme of domination through religion, and all the hypocritical, manipulative kink play that can come attached to that.

Presented to his Grandmaster, Cole is eager but anxious as he stands before the older man in his dress clothes and tie. Equally dapper, Angus explains what's going to happen next in Cole's road down the path to salvation. Part of that process is Angus getting his dirty hands all over the lad, saying "I've been waiting for this since you showed up." He undresses the boy, caressing him and tenderly kissing him as he feels Cole's body beneath his thick rough hands. Cole, in turn, relaxes at the man's touch, succumbing to the process and his growing lust, as his teacher leads the way.

Angus is ultimately a versatile kinda guy, and while he may end up doing all the fucking, he's not above servicing the young man a bit. He gropes Cole through his uniform underthings, stroking the length of his cock and encouraging its growth before dropping to his knees and taking the length of it down his throat. Hey, they don't call him the Grandmaster for nothing, because he's a master at sucking this lad down and making him feel totally at ease. And his handsomeness only increases with a long thick dick sliding in and out of this face. Cole then is instructed to do the same as he's put to his knees while the older man strips, revealing his thickly powerful chest and torso with its decorative tats and gorgeous fur. Okay, truth be told, I've always had a thing for Ed Asner, and with his similar body shape, I honestly think Bishop Angus is the closest I'll get to watching Ed Asner fuck. But I digress, as usual.

These two look magnificent together as Cole swallows Angus while Daddy leans over and fingers the boy's hole. Getting behind him he spreads his cheeks and dives in for a hearty taste of where he's gonna be shoving his dick, lapping at that fine ass until he needs to enter. And when he finally does enter, he absolutely owns that tight hole, making no mistake that he is in charge. Starting off slowly, he ramps up quickly to a nice ramming speed as he leaves quite the impression on his young charge. It's a torrid coupling that'll leave you hungry for more, and maybe with a need to return to church.

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