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Jack Bailey And Tom Bentley Are Barebacking Twinks For Jason Sparks Live


Cute Like Boys But Fuck Like Men

In their scene for Jason Sparks Live (formerly Bareback Road Trip) Tom Bentley and Jack Bailey show how the small boys can play just as well right alongside the big boys. These are two pint-sized, smooth cuties with adorable tats and winning smiles. Of course, they're not small in all areas of their physiques. Tom especially, being the more "fun-sized," is sporting a surprisingly hefty package between his legs, which the fresh-faced ginger Jack simply can't get enough of. Isn't it always the way? The smaller dudes are always swinging the biggest dicks.

The two meet up and the cameras get rolling to let them do their thing as their lust for each other overtakes them. It's a relatively simple scene with no scenario or premise to overtake the action. Just two young guys with horny hearts and hard dicks they can point in each other's direction.

They start off with a lot of passionate kissing as they explore each other's bodies. Tongues go searching for the taste of each other, mouths are opened and willing and plummeted as they seem to be incapable of satisfying their need to take each other in fully. Hands go searching, feeling every inch of tender skin, every bulge of muscle, every limb. And every inch of hardening young cock pressing against the fabric of the cute underwear they are wearing.

Stripping off this last bit of covering, Jack is free to dive onto Tom's fully erect piece of meat, savoring its length and girth as he gags his way down, doing his best to deep throat it like the cock-hungry slut he is. He slobbers and salivates all over it, satisfying his oral fixation as Tom moans in approval. But Tom needs a taste too and gets his buddy on all fours so he can ram his tongue between Jack's plump cheeks, fucking his hole with his tongue to prep it for his cock.

Taking him from behind, these two "boys" get manly and gruff as Tom quickly ramps up his rhythm and begins mercilessly pounding Jack's backside with his fleshy hammer. Jack's loving it, his eyes rolling back in his head, and a smile occasionally flitting across his cute face as he flashes a big toothy grin of pleasure. Ever wanna see a fictional character get fucked? Imagine Jack with pronounced dimples and a '50's era cowboy outfit and you're watching Howdy Doody get royally fucked in the ass. And when Tom finishes off, pumping his creamy load deep in Jack's hole, well, let the entire Peanut Gallery rise and give him a rousing cheer!

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