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Marcus Rivers Gets Extra Medical Attention In Fun Size Boys’ “Marcus Chapter 7: Dr. Wolf’s Kingsize Nurse Cole”


Dr. Wolf and Nurse Cole Have Excellent Bedside Manners.

"Marcus Chapter 7: Dr. Wolf's Kingsize Nurse Cole," streaming now over at Fun-Size Boys, brings us the pint-sized cutie Marcus Rivers taking on his doctor, Legrand Wolf, and nurse Cole Blue in a medical-themed threesome that'll have you wishing for a reason to go see the doctor. Well, this doctor anyway. Marcus is the fun-sized boy, and he certainly knows how to handle the king-sized medical tools being used by Dr. Wolf and Cole as they display just how thorough one of their examinations can be. With Marcus' small frame, he looks especially petite next to the tall, athletic Cole and the even taller and well-hung ginger daddy Legrand.

As we open, we can see that Marcus knows damn well he doesn't need a "regular" checkup. His lust-filled eyes as Dr. Wolf enters the room are filled with eager yearning to get some of Doc's long and girthy tongue depressor. (Okay, sorry... that metaphor was obvious and bad even for me!) But the patient gets what he wants, and Legrand goes through the simple examination steps after Marcus strips off his clothes. He's poked, prodded, felt, rubbed, and looked at very closely. This allows the handsome older man to get his hands all over the lad... in a professional manner, of course.

Until it's not professional, and then things get steamy and tantalizing. Marcus is a forward kind guy, and he starts rubbing himself and the doctor through his underwear and Doc's trousers. Making his intentions known, Legrand goes to get Cole leaving Marcus alone to start rubbing one out. I loved watching Legrand's demeanor in these scenes. He's commanding and dominant, but never gruff or domineering. He maintains a calm, professional tone as he gives instructions to the two younger men regarding what to do with each other. He exudes strength from a position of self-assured calm.

There's just a bit of oral action as Marcus tries out Cole's long dick in his mouth and Legrand raises the boy's leg and starts working his tight ass. It takes a bit for Cole to work his length deep into Marcus' hole, but once there, he gets up to a steady sliding in and out as Doc stands and observes, offering encouragement, the sound of Marcus' whimpering filling the air. Things escalate quickly when Legrand strips, working his "legrand" cock up to full hardness and stepping behind Cole, pushing in deep and fucking his nurse as Marcus, underneath both men, takes the pressure and weight and rhythm from his masculine tops. Basically, with Cole remaining fairly stationary, Doc fucks his patient through his nurse. This leads to a magnificent breeding as Cole gets a load fucked out of him which starts while he's inside Marcus and then is revealed when he pulls out and plays it for the camera. He shoves it back in, then gets a second load fucked out of him which he breeds Marcus yet again. Fantastic.

Even better is when Legrand fucks creamy splooge out of his patient before ramming him energetically, going for broke as he tenses up, his taut muscles straining as he erupts deep in Marcus' already cum-filled ass.

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