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Viktor Sedai Can’t Stop Winning with Tan Blitz During Masqulin’s “Game Night”


No Matter What The Game, Viktor Sedai Wins In The End

There are few things more annoying than having one’s mindless cell phone surfing interrupted by a real-life, meat world offer of social interaction, but that’s where Viktor Sedai finds himself at the beginning of Masqulin’s new scene. In spite of his polite protests, Tan Blitz is determined to get his bro buddy to bond via “Game Night.

As someone who knows the endlessly fascinating content available courtesy of smartphone technology, I totally feel for Viktor when he reluctantly agrees to play a game in what some people call the “real” world. Thing is, the dude-bro can not lose! They play chess, he wins. They play cards, he wins. They play a board game, he wins. They play strip poker, and he wins big! With Tan naked and sporting an impressive hardon, Viktor happily falls to his knees and slobbers on his friend’s elongated erection, sometimes in control of his movements and sometimes just face fucked until there are drool tendrils stretching from cock tip to lip.

Part of what makes this perfectly civilized friend-on-friend sexing especially hot isn’t just that both Viktor and Tan are gorgeous. It’s their pillow talk (sans pillow). “Gag on it,” Tan politely recommends in a tone that suggests that doing otherwise is unthinkable. “You’re so thick,” comes the appreciative response from Viktor, who does his level best to induce sputtering. Then it’s his turn to feel a man’s mouth against his groin while his length is down that man’s throat.

Tan slips his pal out of his underwear and helps him get situated kneeling on a kitchen island stool with his ass positioned perfectly for noshing. And nosh his fill is what Tan does, smooshing his face between Viktor’s delicious cheeks and exploring the wonders to be found there. Viktor quickly slides down farther on the chair, letting his cock and balls slip behind and underneath him. There’s still plenty of space for Tan’s thumb and mouth to relax any stress felt by Viktor’s asshole, which means more dining and assurances that said asshole will soon be “open so good.”

The man with the big dick tells the truth! We know because the camera gets in low and close as cock enters asshole, and it is a beautiful thing. Once inside the place he’s invested so much saliva, Tan pounds away vigorously until his efforts result in slippage and another glorious re-entry. There’s no question that Viktor is, shall we say, game to keep going, because when Tan gasps out, “that’s good hole,” his words of reply let everyone know. “That’s good dick,” Viktor assures. I believe him.

The good dick and the good hole relocate to a nearby couch, where Viktor impales himself reverse on Tan’s raging erection. The eagerness that he expresses about his dicking is infectious, and given how much negativity is associated with the word “infectious,” this is a welcome change. Viktor can’t wait to get Tan back inside his rectum and, by the time they’re face-to-face with Viktor’s back against the fabric of the sofa, the enthusiastic bottom’s face is covered in perspiration.

The end game is clearly on the horizon when Viktor begins stroking his own cock while Tan slams his good dick home, his hips slapping against his bottom’s bottom. “Game Night” comes to a close with happy noises and cum flung from Viktor’s member to his inner thigh and fed to him by his pleased Top. Tan continues to hump away, eventually withdrawing for kissing and a touch more oral sodomy.

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