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Curtis Cameron And Simon Best Have “No Time To Waste” On Southern Strokes


Sporty Twinks Don’t Waste A Minute Once Finally Alone Together.

It’s a good thing that some of these scenes come with written descriptions on their sites of origin because otherwise, we’d think “No Time To Waste” was just a wall-to-wall sex scene featuring a couple of twinks in athleticwear. But no, thanks to the Southern Strokes website, we know that Simon Best is our hero and this is his story.

After an unknown number of days smoldering at one another in the locker room after soccer practice, pouty-lipped Curtis Cameron has finally invited the discreetly tattooed Simon over to his flat for some hijinks of a most sexual kind. This is a day that Simon has been waiting for and boy is he excited to find it has arrived.

After some fully clothed posing on a graffiti-adorned cement wall and a crotch rub, the universal sign for “come back to my apartment and get fucked by me,” the young athletes do precisely that. Making out on the brightly colored couch in Curtis’ pad, it’s not long before their heavy breathing is joined by heavy petting.

Once Curtis and his impressive cock are free of his white shorts, Simon is able to show him how he’s been feeling for however long it is that they’ve been holding all this lust at bay. Simon’s no deepthroat king, but he’s got stamina and heart, sputtering away on Curtis’ thickening rod as he works the base with a hand and gives the head plenty of mouth love. The camera likes what it sees well enough to linger close while still giving enough full-body imagery to keep the humanity of the body parts in question intact.

Because it is better to give than to receive (yeah, sure), Curtis turns the metaphorical tables on Simon, slipping his black soccer shorts off and returning the oral lovin’ with about as much skill and a similar technique. When it comes to the butt stuff, though, these boys are naturals. Simon may still be boy enough to have facial blemishes, but he’s man enough to take Curtis’ length and girth smoothly between his ass cheeks and deep into the home of his happy little prostate.

What we get out of the deal is some lovely close-up camera time featuring penetration and thrusting. Brown-haired Simon seems highly pleased with the situation regardless of whether the lovers are spooned around one another, he’s planted himself reverse on Curtis’ plunging member, or he’s on his back with his legs in the air and a sphincter full of twink meat. Their slender, nicely muscled, and lightly hairy legs sometimes entwine, making a delightful contrast to their hairless upper bodies and faces.

Because, as the title reminds us, these two have “No Time To Waste,” Simon tugs at his own not inconsequential cock until his crush fucks a modest load out of him and onto his lower belly. Encouraged by his success, Curtis ramps up his ramming, eventually pulling out and making a contribution of DNA gel on Simon’s most manly of areas. The satisfied bottom pulls the visibly spent Top toward him for final cuddles and kisses.

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