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Prince Joshua’s Top 5 Tips For A Sexy Selfie


Prince Joshua is picture-perfect... he is a well-known go-go dancer in the Phoenix area but has quickly become a social media favorite with a perky ass and bulge to match his perky personality. At first glance, he seems like the innocent boy next door. Upon second glance, you realize that glint in his eye means trouble.

As his Instagram began to heat up to highlight his assets and stylized selfies, his Twitter took it to the next level, showing his fans a taste of what they had been begging for. Now he can add OnlyFans influencer to the mix. Even as his stardom is on the up and up, he still curates his Instagram with the same care and attention that he always has, giving his grid an artistic and sensual flair and always teasing, always pleasing.

He stopped by to give us his Top 5 Tips on Taking the Perfect Sexy Selfie.

Tip 1. Find the light. I always find whatever light source is available and turn my face towards it for a better, clearer look at my face.

Tip 2. Practice your poses. I always practice what posing looks best for me in the mirror, that way I know what to do when taking a photo.

Tip 3. Smize! Smiling with your eyes even for a serious photo is so important, even if you have to smile to feel the way your eyes should be then straighten the rest of your face to be serious while holding the smize.

4. Hold your pose! Sometimes the camera lags and if you move too fast you’ll miss the pose you were holding. I like to hold my pose till after the flash and shutter are completely stopped.

5. Hydrate your skin! No one wants to look dull. Rubbing in lotion or body oil will always help your skin look glowy and sexy.

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