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Lucas Darren’s Ass Gets Abused In Parisian Basement For Jalif Studio’s


It's Seedy Fisting Fun For All!

Jalif Studios released a scene that is pure low-grade, seedy, filthy, kink fun, and I kinda love it. Featuring Lucas Darren, Lucas Bask, and Scallyboy, it's the kind of group encounter that has one guy in a degrading position of serving at their will other dudes who simply use him and abuse him, and he fucking loves it. He knows his place, and his place is in a dark basement, hidden from the light of day. His ass is up for use, his hole is spread wide for insertion, and his mouth is open to be filled with cock. He knows his place and it's where he feels most comfortable, in service to other men. He's slapped and spit on all the while, furthering the sense of debasement, and it makes him feel important.

The location, according to the scene description, is a room in a sex club in Paris. It looks like any basement which, personally, I find hot as hell. One could find their most intense sexual pleasure here... or they could find their demise. And if an orgasm is, as the French say, "un petit mort," a tiny death, then isn't this location simply perfect? Hey, this pervert who also loves horror films would have to say that is the case. Fucking in a murder room. It's goddamn poetic!

Lucas Darren, our denigrated bottom of the hour, and Lucas Bask, one of our big-dicked power Tops, are both tall, lean, rough-looking fuckers. Darren is on his knees the whole time, his head wrapped in a black balaclava with enough of an opening for his mouth to allow the cock to penetrate. Bask, on the other hand, is wearing a full-face fright mask displaying wide grinning teeth. Think Pennywise at full smile. Yeah, that's what's feeding Darren his long fat uncut meat. Clad in a jockstrap holding his junk in, Darren is swallowing Bask's pole as Scallyboy, a thickly-built hairy fucker wearing a knock-off Louis Vuitton baseball cap (?!) and cheap bro athletic tracksuit is forcing Darren's face onto Bask's dick with gruff pushing on the back of his head.

Wanting some ass, Scallyboy positions himself behind Darren and starts opening his hole with his fingers. It doesn't take long before he's fisting the guy up to his wrist. Menacingly punch-fucking his hole, he soon moves to both fists, interchanging them, punching them in faster and with more blunt force as Darren eagerly serves his Tops with both ends. This all wraps up with the two men blowing huge loads onto the fabric of the balaclava, shaming Darren one last time as he's denied the full satisfaction of tasting and swallowing that delicious cream. They do, however, stick around long enough to watch Darren's impressive load get sprayed all over himself as he jacks off in a final moment of self-contentment.


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