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Dirk Berger And Lucas Davidson Are The Latest Fuckers For Hard Brit Lads


A Pair of Smooth Muscle Studs Represents Jolly Ol' England.

Dirk Berger and Lucas Davidson present a very simple scene for Hard Brit Lads. It's just two athletically-built dudes in sporty shorts and tank tops, getting naked and fucking. Really, do you need any more than that? They complement each other well, with Dirk's tall muscular framed topped with dark blond hair against Lucas' lean brunette good looks.

The scene jumps right into the action as we find the two standing and passionately kissing as their hands explore their bodies over their clothes. Running up and down the lengths of their frames, these two hotties are really getting into each other, as their hardening cocks pressing against the thin fabric of their shorts can attest. Dirk really gets into sucking on Lucas' nipples, tweaking and rubbing them as he tastes them with his flicking tongue. But his raging boner can't be denied and Lucas is soon on his knees.

Flopping out of his shorts as Lucas pulls them down, Dirk's long fat cock is nicely uncut and stands at firm attention. Lucas wastes no time swallowing down the length of it, his throat easily acclimating itself to its girth. He looks gorgeous as his beautiful face slides up and down the length of the shaft, taking it all in greedily. He gets pretty much to the hilt and Dirk somewhat gruffly presses down on the back of his head, an unnecessary maneuver if ever there was one as Lucas needs no encouragement or assistance in deep-throating the fattie. And it turns out, Dirk is no selfish Top as he lowers himself down and swallows his buddy's own equally tasty meat. It's uncut as well and must feed Dirk's desires as he hoped, seeing how voraciously he takes it in his throat.

Seated on the couch, Lucas takes one last lap around Dirk's dick before he's sitting down on that erect pole in a reverse cowboy, his asshole stretched wide as Dirk's condom-covered member pummels insistently against Lucas' backside. This has never been my favorite position but they look great performing it. Bent over and taken from behind though (there's my favorite position!) they really seem to shine as Dirk can go for broke and own that hole. Shot from below, we get a tantalizing view of Dirk's pounding pipe entering his buddy's tight ass and of Dirk's beefy, hair-covered ass cheeks and upper thighs.

My God, those cum shots! Feeding Lucas his shaft while standing next to the couch, Lucas jizzes like a geyser as Dirk fucks his face. This is followed by Dirk simply covering Lucas's sweaty torso with his own thick creamy load. Just fantastic!

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