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Beau And Zach Are The Latest Sexy Aussies Over At Amateurs Do It


Scruffy Ginger Tops Smooth Boy. Film At 11... Or Whenever!

Amateurs Do It showcases hot Aussie amateur studs they bring together to suck and fuck. It's a simple setup and the dudes are always quite attractive and willing to take their sexual exploits to new heights for the camera. Studio porn is great and all, but I love watching amateur dudes doing it (for the money) for the love of being pervy for other people to get off with. And the fact that they're Australian? Hell, even better!

Beau and Zach are the latest hotties to grace the site. We find them snuggling and keeping warm during Australia's winter, all bundled up and toasty in front of a fire. But when they start to make some fire of their own, well, that's when things really heat up. It doesn't take long for these two horndogs to discover the best thing about getting naked to keep warm, as they begin passionately kissing as they rub each other's bodies while simultaneously stripping each other of their clothes. Lose a shirt, kiss, lose another shirt, tongue some more, shuck the pants, Oh man, your mouth tastes good! You get the point. Eventually the dicks come out, and what tasty dicks they are! Beau especially, our top du jour,  is packing a nice fattie topped with bright red ginger short-n-curlies. Not the longest dick, but nice and thick to fill Zach's eager mouth and ass.

They spend a fair amount of time exploring each other orally. They really get into kissing each other and working their hungry mouths over their bodies, tasting every inch of each other. When they get down to their cocks, these two can't get enough of their hard Aussie inches, sucking each other almost to the point of cresting over the wave of desire before pulling back. Beau really digs Zach's ass, and he forces him onto all fours, spreading his cheeks so he can get in there and tongue fuck the young man. He eats his buddy's hole like it contains the last drops of bleu cheese dressing and he's got two more wings to go. He's a voracious rimmer, getting it nice and wet and stretched before they move to bigger and better things.

Moving to the sauna, Beau pushes his buddy against the wall and begins to plow his hole. These two look great as Zach braces himself against the wall, pushing his bubble butt back to take in more of Beau's meat. Drilling for gold, Beau fucks up to the edge before he pulls out and shoots all over Zach's chest.

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