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Michael Boston’s Top 5 Secrets To His Perfect Ass


How Does He Get That Perfect Ass?

Michael Boston is instantly recognizable for his… um… assets. In addition to that wickedly charming smile, he’s got that perfect, round booty that won’t quit. It’s 100% authentic, so we just had to ask… what are his secrets to maintaining that exquisite ass? He stopped to spill the tea and share some pics from his vault…

  1. My butt is mostly genetic. I got it from my mom’s Italian side.
  2. I do 3 leg days a week.
  3. When I’m not doing a leg day, I’m on the Stairmaster for an hour on at least a level 12.
  4. You have to eat a lot of protein, which is typically a gram per lb. of body weight.
  5. Be consistent, no one looks like Superman overnight.

Well, there you have it. You can check out his Insta (which we stalk EVERY DAY), where not only do you see his amazing curves, you get a glimpse into his personal life which includes dancing and tons of fun.

You also have to check out his clearly NSFW Twitter, can you say DP?

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