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Jay Seabrook Gets Life Lessons In Family Creep’s “My Uncle Teaches Me To Kiss & More!”


A Nephew Opens Up To His Uncle And He Opens Up Right Back!

"My Uncle Teaches Me To Kiss & More!," directed by Gio Caruso for Family Creep, gives us young and handsome Jay Seabrook as a nephew who seeks out some help from his out uncle Greg Riley. Jay is new to the gay scene and his uncle, a counselor, is in a unique position with his problem. And his problem is that he's pretty new to gay sex. Kissing and a whole lot more. They make a great pair, with Jay's darker skin and youthful smooth good looks next to Greg's bearded older handsomeness, bordering on bear daddy and bearing just the slightest resemblance to David Bautista.

It's pretty amusing to watch Jay practicing kissing on his fist as Greg gives pointers. Feeling more confident, Jay agrees to Greg's suggestion that he "try it out on the real thing." And with this we're off and running as the two, standing in Greg's office, get into some pretty passionate making out, exploring each other for the first time. Of course, Greg has a lot more to teach the lad, and after explaining that since Jay is adopted, it's okay to bang, Greg is on his knees, his hot bearded face opening up for Jay's thick young meat. He sucks and slobbers, showing the boy how it's done, and sending tremors of pleasure through the young man who's learning just how great sex can be. With the right person, of course.

Greg looks tantalizing in his shirt and tie with a dick in his mouth, and he looks even better leaning against his desk, his shirt half-open, his cock deep in Jay's cute face. Giving pointers about using hands and not using teeth, Greg finally gets his hot nephew's mouth on his meat. His cock is long with a slight downward curve that slides easily down the boy's throat. Of course, that's not the only thing to eat, and he stands and bends over to introduce Jay to rimming. Jay tongues his hole, eating voraciously as the man continues with his pointers between moans and grunts. Greg has a fantastic ass, meaty with a bit of crack fuzz, topping off his muscular hairy thighs, and they both know what else needs to get in there.

Uncle Greg spreads his cheeks and Jay is deep in between, plowing away at the older man's urges. I love watching a daddy bear get fucked. And in a dress shirt and tie? Forget it, I'm done! When he flips on his back, now with only his tie on, which Jay grabs and pulls like some sort of snazzy harness, Greg gets a nice load fucked outta him before Jay adds his own creamy spunk to the stains on Greg's tie.

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