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Alex James Tops Niko Carr Over At Active Duty


Two Muscle Studs Serve Their Country, and Service Each Other.

When Niko Carr and Alex James go at it for Active Duty, you know you're going to have some mighty fine testosterone-fueled muscleman fucking and they do not disappoint. Alex is a beefy, slightly older, dark-featured stud with thick muscles and a light smattering of chest hair, topped with a gorgeously porny mustache. Niko on the other hand is pale and heavily tatted with a shaved head. Both give a genuine impression of having served in the military, so I'll go ahead and believe the fantasy. They both exude a fun, laid-back sexuality as they open the scene, having fun seeing who can flip truck tires faster. Oh yeah, they show off their bulging muscles like that, and it looks damn hot if I may say. But agreeing that there's no clear "winner" as to who did it better, Alex says they'll "go inside and work it out, see who comes out on top." Spoiler... it's Alex.

Surrounded by camo draping and other military-esque accouterments, they gruffly grab, grope and manhandle each other as they roughly kiss, tonguing each other to get a good taste of the man they're with. Masculine, sweaty, erotic; they are two hot fuckers enjoying each other's flesh the way men should. They're nicely aggressive as they strip each other of their shirts, groping hardening cocks beneath their shorts. Alex pushes Niko down and lets his long fattie flop out, which Niko promptly shoves as fast as he can down his throat. The pole he's working with is prodigious, and Niko does his damn best as he sucks and gags and sputters all over its tasty length.

Alex gets to play total top stud here, as Niko doesn't give him a chance to taste his own cock before he's sitting down on Alex's horse dong. He takes a bit of time getting it all in but he's soon riding it like a champ, sliding up and down on it. He works up a terrific sweat as he grinds, grunting and moaning as he stretches his hole out as he takes it all up his backside. Laying him on his back, Alex can up the aggressive top ante as he pounds it in relentlessly while one powerful arm and hand is planted firmly on Niko's upper chest and neck, owning his whole body. On all fours, facing the camera, these two are simply a gorgeous pair of structurally-perfect specimens as one gives and the other takes. Alex fucks a thick load out of Niko before dumping his own on his asshole and shoving it back in. It an almost superfluous ending as everything before it was so damn hot, but it keeps going. Alex pulls out and Niko spins around to clean his dick off, giving us a bit of ass-to-mouth.

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