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Throwback Thursday Brings You Men’s Now-Famous “Right In Front of My Salad?”


A Salad Has Never Been So Shocked!

From July 2017 comes the porn scene that went viral in the non-porn world, all with the utterance of one simple line: "Right In Front Of My Salad?" As the reaction is described at Men.com, "The scene went viral inspiring those who quickly uploaded new memes to Tumblr with the iconic six words of 'right in front of my salad?' Shortly after that, it became a top trending topic on Twitter and pop culture news sites also got in on the attention it was receiving."

For those not in the know, Jaxton Wheeler is a hot hairy husband who hires Jake Porter, a cute young chef, as a surprise for his wife, "Mrs. Romaine." Unfortunately, the handsome hubby didn't know to take the young studly chef's title, "The Naked Chef" literally. So when he drops trou in the kitchen, well... things ensue. And progress. And things keep progressing even as Jaxton's wife sits and eats her salad and eventually realizes that her husband is fucking this guy right in front of her... and her salad! As she storms out she delivers the now-viral line that made her more famous than the guys who got naked for this in the first place!

The whole thing is amusing and hot, as the two men are incredibly good-looking to watch as they move around each other in the tight quarters of the kitchen, their limbs gently brushing up against each other as the heat rises. Jake gets naked as Jaxton's back is turned and the older gent is astounded when he turns around. Jake is very matter of fact though, which puts Jaxon at ease enough to say, "Y know what, fuck it." With Jake's smooth athletic build, and Jaxton's hirsute, muscular bulk, they look great together as they move from pointed flirting to kissing to Jake on his knees sucking the bejeesus outta Jaxton's thick cock. Lots of food and restaurant puns fly as do the moans and groans as the chef's throat is filled with meat.

Bending over the counter, Jaxton spreads Jake's buns and shoves his fattie deep inside, taking him for a thrilling ride as he physically and verbally dominates him in an erotically masculine coupling. The two create copious amounts of sexual energy until wifey shows up. Oh, yeah, they didn't isolate the female scene at the beginning or end. Nope, they had the balls to put her right in the middle of the action, and have the two men keep going as surreptitiously as they could while she begins to eat... and catch on to what's going on. It makes their reactions and adlibs pretty damn funny and genuine as she storms out on her famous line, and they go back to the intense fucking. He nails Jake in an awesome pile drive on the kitchen floor before they move to the counter where Jake rides Jaxton's cock in a reverse cowboy, getting a hot load fucked out of him. Jaxton unloads on the young man's face with a thick creamy load. But I'm wondering... what about her main course and dessert?

Click the link below to check out this famous clip at Men.com, and then do an image google search of "right in front of my salad meme." You'll thank me later.

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