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Bryce Hart And Jack Andy Deliver A Suit-And-Tie Three-Parter For Gentlemen’s Closet


These Men Look As Good In Suits As They Do Out Of Them!

Looking inside Gentlemen's Closet we find the nattily dressed Bruce Hart and Jack Andy. These two handsome studs are clad in some pretty fine duds, dark complementary suits, and sheer hosiery they fetishize, play with, and strip from to engage in some playful foot fetishism, suck, and fuck in ways the other men at the office may not approve of. They split the whole encounter into three scenes which will be elaborated upon forthwith: "Jack and Bryce," "Hart," and "Deep In Hart."

Trailer for "Jack and Bryce"

Let the Foot Worshipping Commence.

"Jack and Bryce" starts things off with these two fully clothed and loving on their body parts, especially their sheer stocking-clad feet. In a fetishization of their clothing and stockings, they remain mostly clothed throughout as they explore their mouths and bodies with passionate kissing, and rubbing their manly hands over their well-built forms. The suits are covering some pretty hot bodies. Both give off a vibe of blue-collar beef encased in the dashing suit, and the flesh underneath speaks to just that as both are nicely built and contrast each other well. Bryce's smoother body and tats against Jack's hairy features and beard are things of pure erotic masculinity. They get into some serious toe and foot sucking, sniffing, and manipulating as they run their tongues over digits, licking the toes and heels, and stuffing as much into their mouths as possible. We can see where this will head as they grab each other's feet and rub them hard against their lengthening cocks buried in their pants.

Trailer for "Hart"

Let the Cock Sucking Commence.

"Hart" continues their encounter as they move into hearty, lusty oral action. Partially nude with raging thick boners fully exposed, they continue to use their feet to masturbate themselves, rubbing them hard against their now-exposed cocks. Whether it's by grinding some toes deep under their balls and into their taints or using both feet basically as a fleshlight, they work their dicks up to rock hard condition before they start chowing down and wrapping their lips around their fleshy tools. They each look amazing with each other's cock deep in their throat, their shirttails being pushed out of the way to give a full view of these beautiful fuck poles sliding in and out of their masculine faces. Jack looks like a daddy pleasing his boy, and Bryce just loves Jack's thickly swollen head pushing against his throat.

Trailer for "Deep In Bryce"

Let the Fucking Commence.

"Deep In Bryce" concludes their hotter-than-fuck coupling as Bryce gets his fuzzy manhole pummeled by Jack's thick dick. Bryce has a gorgeous hairy crack and thighs that look amazing when shot from below as we watch Jack shove his meat deep in his buddy's hole. Bryce gets taken in several positions, my favorite always being on all fours from behind. In each, though, I envision a fantasy that they're two truckers on an evening out with their wives who sneak off and strip their duds off to have some real fun. I love watching Bryce take cock, and when he opens his mouth to greedily accept Jack's creamy load... fantastic!

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