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Maxx Monroe Gets “Charged” For Kink Men


Lance Charger Is Large And In Charge Dominating Maxx Monroe.

In their scene for Kink Men, "Charged: Lance Charger and Maxx Monroe RAW," handsome bear daddy Lance Charger is in the Top role, natch, as he works over the slim and hairy "otter" Maxx Monroe in his first full-out action scene for the BDSM kink site. I was curious how this would all play out as the action developed, because, in their pre-scene interview, Maxx came off as very funny and irreverent, which was delightfully disarming heading into a kink scene. As it turns out, he manages to flip the script and keep his funny bone in check so as not to disrupt the tone of the scene.

The two make for an interesting pairing, being such physical opposites. Lance is a beefy, hairy muscle daddy, thick with muscle and smoldering sexuality. Maxx is tall and thin, and while hairy, he gives off a bit of a science geek vibe, as if Jim Parsons' Sheldon character wandered into a dungeon space and liked what he saw. Oh, wait... Parsons might like it, but not so sure about Sheldon!

Clad in various forms of leather gear, Lance manhandles his bottom as Maxx is bound to the ceiling, his face wrapped in a leather strap hood with a ballgag, and his eyes covered in a thick leather blindfold. Lacking the ability to see what's coming, he can only trust his daddy to take care of him. Lance pleases his bottom orally, kissing and licking the length of Maxx's trim body, working his way to his leather jock-covered crotch. Removing the jock, his long thick cock flops out for Lance to inhale deeply from and take deep down his gullet, sucking like a daddy knows how.

Moving to a flogger, which in the interview Maxx said would be his first time on the receiving end of one, we can see that this is more of a "leather light" scene as Lance goes easy on the novice Maxx. He gets some lashes in but it's more rubbing and teasing and "threatening" with it. It's more enticing and less discipline-inducing.

Shifting positions, Maxx is bound on his side on the table, legs held aloft so that Lance has access to his hairy hole. Tonguing it a bit, he tastes what he likes before he presses his fat long daddy cock in deep and gives Maxx what he really wants. We get a great camera view here as Lance pumps in and out, Maxx's groans and moans bouncing off the walls as he yells out his pleasure. After fucking a load of his boy, our Top man gets up to kneel by Maxx's face so he can jack a creamy load over his upturned face.

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