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Nick Thompson And Christian Wilde Are Trading “A Hole For A Hole” For Guys In Sweatpants


Rounds Of Strip Cornhole Lead To Stripping And Cornholing!

Nick Thompson and Christian Wilde star in "Hole For A Hole," streaming now over at Guys In Sweatpants. The two handsome young men play rounds of strip cornhole to gain the top position when they know the outcome is gonna be a lot of fucking. If you know the rules, whoever gets the most bags in the hole is the winner! See where this is going? Bag the most holes and you feel like a winner. While Nick might have "lost" and has to give up his holes, really, when he gets to take Christian's beautiful dick up his butt, is he that much of a loser?

Their athletically muscled, tatted, and slightly hairy bods look fantastic together, meshing flesh as they explore each other's physical forms. Christian has an impressively hard and thick cock and Nick can take it down his throat like a fucking champ. This is one of those scenes where you're not sure who you want to focus on more, the gorgeous Top pumping his buddy full of hot thick cock, or the gorgeous bottom smiling from ear to ear as he gets vigorously rammed in his backside. I appreciated the creative camera angle which captures Nick on his knees sucking that big dick while Christian is leaned over him playing with his hole and slapping his cheeks, all in front of a full-length mirror so we get a nice view of Christian's cock sliding in and out of his mouth and of Nick's fine ass getting fingered and worked over as it's facing toward the mirror. Christian gets his scruffy face in between Nick's fuzzy butt cheeks and eats his hole for a while, and I can only imagine how damn good that must have felt for our bottom as Christian's tongue bathed his crack, his whiskers scratching delightfully deep between his cheeks.

Christian teases Nick's ass a bit as he bangs his thick member against it before easing it in, slapping the length of it so Nick can sense what's coming. Our bottom seems a bit amazed at how it fills his up and how great it feels, but he quickly warms up to its size and girth as his buddy proceeds to slam it in deep, back and forth, in and out as he calls out for more. He pushes back against his buddy's balls in an effort to experience just as much of this rod as he can. When Christian splatters his load all over Nick's crotch and then shoves it back in, a gut-trembling series of shudders rocks them both as the energy and heat reach the crescendo we were hoping for.

The pic below will take you to Guys In Sweatpants so you can see it all for yourself.

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