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Hunter Is In the Middle Of A “Triple Train Wreck” At Slamrush


They're Smoking' And Orgy'n And Things Are Getting Freaky.

Hunter, Nasty Kik, Lucas Porter, Tyler Slater, Jason Hills, and Zach Murphy are all featured in a recent scene over at Slamrush. "Triple Train Wreck" is classic Slamrush. With its lack of attention to detail, it's low-grade, filthy, un-pretty porn. It feels like the kind of experience you vaguely remember from your wilder college years and want to forget... but you're really glad you experienced it. It's the kind of thing you want to participate in, and halfway through, just as you're shooting your load while others are just getting revved up you think, "That was fun, but I made a bad decision." It's just a bunch of bros, ostensibly stoned, and getting into a whole lot of sucking and fucking, almost to an abusive degree. It's twink rough trade.

When these guys get together, it's just one big mishmash of flesh. They're all uniformly cute, slim of build, tenderly handsome of face. In past scenarios, one or two might play the victim to others' commanding and domineering ways as they're gruffly fucked in retribution for some infraction. Here, though, they're all in it to win it, just having fun as they switch partners and positions as often as they switch their minds. You often can't tell who's doing what to whom before the editing takes you somewhere else, or the camera swings and focuses on a different pair or group in another part of the room. But in this case, trim twink Hunter seems to enjoy the brunt of his buddies' need to bang.

He's getting fucked by Lucas when Jason comes up and joins in, sticking his dick deep in Lucas' ass, forming a nice chain gang of fucking. Jason pulls out and Zach steps up from behind, pushing them all to the ground and tearing into Lucas while poor Hunter is at the bottom of the pile, feeling the driving force of both his friends. He eventually ends up on the receiving end of two hard dicks shoved in at once. Is this his first DP? Possibly, but he comes off as high enough not to care and just presses onward. At least, that's how it's being played.

Jason straddling and riding Nasty Kik's cock while sucking on Lucas is a change of pace for him, since he's usually the one to appear on Top. And he really enjoys bottoming here as he's laid back and plowed with another cock in his face. It's when his Top spews his load over James' hairy hole and then shoves it back in, breeding him, that causes James to let loose with his own spunk.

What's really fun in these scenes is that while you're watching one pair or trio, you can hear the grunt and moans and cries of others in various parts of the room, giving a nice backroom orgy feel to it all.

Click the pic below to visit Slamrush and all their nasty fun.

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