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Cole Connor And Devin Franco Are Up To No Good In Raging Stallion’s “The Territory”


Oh And Also, They Fuck A Lot!

I wrote about a scene between Beau Butler and Romeo Davis in Raging Stallion's recent full-length release The Territory. Today, with scene 2, tall, dark, and handsome Cole Connor in all his muscle daddy goodness has his way with uber bottom Devin Franco. Seems the two have performed the dastardly deed of breaking into his family home and stealing the documents of ownership for The Territory. Celebrating with Devin, his investment banker buddy Cole takes his nefarious joy out in the best way he knows: on his buddy's mouth and ass.

Especially notable in the whole flick is the use of animation and graphics to tell the story and move it along. It's done in an advanced style I've not seen before in porn. Despite the amazing sex, it's other details like this that elevate the whole flick. Directed by Marc Macnamara, it's gorgeously filmed and stunningly performed by Cole and Devin, who deliver an energy-packed, testosterone-filled exuberance that will have you creaming your jeans before they even have started fucking.

The two studs start making out in the dining room and they look too good for words in their dapper suits, tonguing each other's mouths and stripping the clothes off to reveal their muscular built bodies. They are ripped and defined but with some nice bulk, all covered in finely trimmed body hair that heightens the masculinity of their look and vibe. When Devin's sucking Cole's monster meat, it's with the intensity of the arrogant and egotistical. These characters are assholes in the film, and their assumed bravado carries over into their sex. They just don't give a shit, and they're gonna take what they want, consequences be damned. Devin is a greedy cock hound, gagging and sputtering and spitting as Cole just pummels his throat.

Flipping positions, Devin gets on all fours on the table so that Cole can work over his sweet hole with his tongue, spitting on it to lube it and eating him out with crazed gusto. He rims with a sense of completeness, paying attention to Devin's thick harden and balls, sucking him between his thighs as well as tongue fucking him. This is all prelude, of course, to opening his hole, first using his fingers, probing gruffly before moving to his cock.

And damn, when he gets his cock involved, all hell breaks loose. Cole's manhood is lengthy and thick and fills Devin to the brim, bringing a litany of groans and moans from the slutty bottom. Devin spends most of his time riding Cole's cock, taking control from the bottom as he grinds and maneuvers his ass just as he likes. It's only to bring out the cumshots when Devin lays back for a final brutal pummeling from the powerful Cole, who fucks a load out of his buddy before spewing his spunk over Devin's upturned face and open mouth.

You can enter The Territory at Raging Stallion by clicking below.


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