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Cybersocket Co-Founder Tim Lutz Passes


Industry Veteran Diagnosed In November With Malignant Brain Cancer.

The header graphic on Tim Lutz’ Facebook account quotes Omega Vector founder George Addair, who stated that “Everything You Want is On the Other Side of Fear.” Tim, one of the co-founders of pioneering LGBT company Cybersocket, passed away Friday, August 20, at his Palm Springs, CA home after a brief battle with brain cancer.

During a doubtlessly intense diagnosis and treatment process that included chemo, radiation, and even a short time using Optune headgear, Tim faced his mortality; one of the most fundamental of all human fears. Having done so, he has now arrived on that “other side” where fear no longer has power.

"Tim was at peace with what was happening to him and he was ready to go," former business partner Morgan assured me. "He had spent considerable time in the past few weeks talking with me and other people in his life about this inevitable process. He fought to win until it was clear that no treatment or positive attitude was going to change the outcome of this kind of cancer. He was not afraid of death, just as he was not afraid of life."

Diagnosed with a malignant methylated glioblastoma in November of 2020, his odds were never good, but he was determined to put up a fight and keep a positive attitude. This particular form of aggressive brain cancer may sound familiar because it felled Senators John McCain and Edward Kennedy, as well as President Biden’s son and Attorney General of Delaware, Beau Biden. While any diagnosis of cancer is scary, glioblastomas have a daunting 95 percent five-year fatality rate, with 14.5 months being the average post-diagnosis lifespan for half of those afflicted.

Prior to Tim’s passing, former business partner Morgan Sommer had explained that, “Tim and I started Cybersocket together in January 1997 shortly after we had started dating. We ended the personal relationship over 10 years ago but have remained good business partners and friends. With Tim’s shocking diagnosis last November, we have had to make some organizational changes so that Tim can focus 100 percent of his attention on recovery.”

Part of that organizational change was the sale of Cybersocket and its associated properties this spring to NSFW.Army, the team behind the Cherry Pimps brand, and owner of Fleshbot.com. "We started a successful business together and sold it when it was clear it was time for us both to let it go," Morgan reflected after learning of Tim's death.

With nearly 25 years of history in the online adult LGBT world, Cybersocket’s successful move to this growing enterprise is a testament to the value of Tim and Morgan’s efforts and dedication. It’s also an acknowledgment that the Cybersocket community and legacy deserve to both continue and grow.

Due to changes in the industry, as well as personal, professional, and COVID-19 related complications, the queer media empire that had included Cybersocket Magazine and the Cybersocket Web Awards had become a humble shadow of its previous pioneering self. In a classic case of the butterfly effect in action, a series of strange coincidences unfolded and ultimately lead Cybersocket to enlist in the NSFW.Army.

This bit of kismet means that the January 2022 celebration of the 25th anniversary of Cybersocket’s launch will see a thriving and dynamic site with multiple unique daily content updates including podcast and Q&A with today's top names in adult entertainment. NSFW.Army also plans to revive the Cybersocket Web Awards, further returning glitz and glamor to the brand that Tim and Morgan dedicated so much of their lives to.

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