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Beau Butler Takes On Romeo Davis In Raging Stallion’s “The Territory”


Get Ready To Get Your Lumberjack Fantasy On!

Scenes have been arriving recently from Raging Stallion's feature-length The Territory and it looks like a stunner. Gorgeously filmed in ruggedly wooded land, it features hot guys in beautiful surroundings doing what horny dudes do when they find themselves outdoors with no rules. In this particular scene, Beau Butler and Romero Davis are the dudes, and the two hairy muscle hunks can't keep their hands off each other.

After a day out cutting wood, Beau and Romeo take a break to work on each other's wood as Romeo lays back on a rock pile and drags out his monster meat. Seriously, his lumberjack tool is almost threatening, but power bottom Beau loves a good challenge and he gulps it down hungrily. He's had a hard day at work and now he wants a hard night of play. These two look amazing in their layers of flannels hanging off their sturdy frames which slowly get revealed as they peel off the layers. Their furry bodies are stunning in this setting, the hair curling delectably as they become glistening with sweat that covers their forms.

Beau is a master at deep-throating Romeo's uncut monster, but Romeo's a Top who likes a taste of cock and ass as well. Shifting his position so he's laying with his head lower than his hips, Beau can easily straddle his face, spreading his hairy ass cheeks to his buddy can tongue-fuck his crack. Beau loves pushing back on Romeo's face, grinding his scratchy nether hairs into Romeo's scratchy facial hair. He's topping from the bottom as he commands his Top to eat his ass and open him up, cuz he knows damn well what's happening next.

I make the claim that no one looks better than Beau getting fucked, whether he's taking control by straddling a flesh pipe or laying back or on all fours in a more submissive position as he's rammed from behind. They start with Beau riding it reverse cowboy, giving us the best view of his fuzzy bod and his hairy crevice as Romeo pounds it from below. He keeps exclaiming how thick and deep Romeo is and with the hardness of his cock, you half expect him to spontaneously shoot a load without touching himself.

To rest a bit they switch to a 69 position, cuz they're both incredible oral sluts, but soon Beau's taking it from behind as he's bent over the rock pile, and somehow he looks even better, his curls-covered butt cheeks spread as he's pushing back and looking back at Romeo with his adorable face. He explodes with a nice creamy load as he's fucked before Romeo blows his own geyser into his open eager mouth.

Clicking the banner below will take you to Raging Stallion, and to the edge of The Territory.

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