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Bennett Anthony And Izzy Danger Are “Sharing My Room With My Stepbrother” For Family Creep


And By "Room" They Mean "Butthole!"

Directed by Gio Caruso, "Sharing My Room With My Stepbrother," streaming over at Pride Studios' Family Creep channel, features ginger hottie Bennett Anthony and brunette hottie Izzy Danger as two stepbrothers who find out just how not-terrible closed quarters can be! Izzy plays the nerdish bookworm, meek and mild against his loutish bro of a stepbrother Bennett, who brags about how often he gets laid. I'm sorry, did someone mention sex with only two men in the room? Cue the bahm-chicka-wah-wah. That sound you hear is a dare being challenged, with both parties basked in sweat by the end. But I'm jumping the gun...

When Bennett stomps in and knocks the book out of Izzy's hands, the latter is thinking he's got another round of bravado bullshit to suffer through before he can find peace and quiet. Bennett is heading out on a date and loudly proclaiming about the pussy he's gonna get. Later, post date and no pussy, Bennet sulks back in to find his brother shirtless and looking a lot less bookwormy with his fit tanned chest sprinkled with hair. Despite his abusiveness (or because of it?) Izzy suggests he give Bennett a "helping hand" with his blue balls.

Dropping trou, Bennett's boner pops out of his bright, full, ginger bush as Izzy attacks it with his mouth, sucking energetically to the hilt, apparently as they used to do as kids. Izzy is loving getting his face fucked by Bennett, who strips his shirt off to reveal a muscular, tatted, fur-covered torso. Laying on his back, our cock sucker is in a prime position for his Top's tool to get rammed down his throat in vigorous face fucking action.

When Izzy tells Bennett he has to eat his ass before he fucks it, he has to tell him that it's just like eating pussy. Someone who's eaten pussy would have to let me know about the verity of that statement, but I'll go with it for now. Bennett gets his tongue in there deep and must not mind having his mouth on his brother's asshole cuz he's slurping away and slapping those cheeks, getting himself worked up to the inevitable. But it turns out our ginger has a bit of a foot fetish happening as he starts licking Izzy's feet and rubbing his cock on them before returning to his brother's tasty hole.

Izzy climbs onto Bennett's fat meat and rides it as they passionately kiss, teaching his studly brother how great a man's ass can feel. Moving to his back, "straight" bro can take control and really slam it in. It doesn't take long before he's pulling out to shooting his creamy load over his brother's balls before shoving it back in to give him some family breeding.

It's a fun scene and these two look great together, creating erotic energy that courses throughout the proceedings.

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